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An Army Certificate is a document issued to show appreciation for their services or achievement in the army forces training. When someone decides to join the army forces it is because they have passion in serving their nation and when they accomplish their purpose of being in the army it is encouraging for the commander in chief to appreciate their efforts and in most cases they are awarded the Army Certificate. This article will talk about the Army Certificate design guide for your assistance.

The Army Certificate should have the name of the country and the name of the army candidate as well. This shows the commitment of the country to award its army force candidates and having the candidate name is to show the ownership of the certificate. Not everybody can be awarded the Army Certificate but when it has a particular candidate name it means they are the only people who qualified the award. Also indicating the candidate name it is important, let’s say in case the candidate misplaces the certificate it will be easy for someone to track it back to the owner or rather take it back to the army camp so that the commander can find the owner. The Army Certificate should also have the picture of the country’s flag and also the army flag to give a special identity; it also brings the sense of respect.

The Army Certificate should have spaces for the commander and the deputy commander to sign or put the army stamp. This is important to make sure that the certificate is valid. When you are designing the Army Certificate just leave two spaces for signatures and indicate the space for the commander’s signature and for the deputy commander’s signature, or the army stamp. The Army Certificate can also be signed by the commander in chief where in most countries it is the president of that country. A part from the signatures validating the certificate they also show the level of appreciation between the army force candidates and the army commander. If he or she can take time to sign certificates for the candidates, it shows he is committed and acknowledges their efforts as well.

The Army Certificate should also state the purpose of certificate. Let’s say if you are giving the person the Army Certificate to appreciate their achievement in the army training then the certificate design should state it is a certificate of army. Or if the army is giving certificates to the members who have been promoted to other positions then the Army Certificated can state that it is a certificate of service. The Army Certificate is important for building someone’s reputation in the job market and so it is equally important to state what the recipient did to deserve the Army Certificate. This will boost the reputation credit and so when they will be applying for bigger jobs like when they want to join marine forces, they have certificates stating their contributions in the army.

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