BBQ (Barbeque) Party Invitation Templates

Download these Free BBQ (Barbeque) Party Invitation Templates to start preparing your own Party Invitation easily.

The best thing about the summer and fall season is Barbecues!! BBQs are a classic and casual excuse to bring together family and friends. They have a tendency to be the type of party that everyone looks forward to attending like men, women and children. The best about these parties are barbecues that can be a part of wedding, baby showers, retirement parties, reunions and more, practically everything.

How Do You Write a BBQ Invitation?

Many regions around the United States (mostly) are known for their certain set and style of flavors of barbecuing. Barbecues conventionally offer a setting for friends and family to gather around and have fun. And to invite your family or friends to a BBQ party, you need to send them a BBQ Invitation. A BBQ Invitation is a simple and common invitation with BBQ themed design and phrases on it. A good BBQ Invitation alone is enough to make anyone hungry and greedy and if designed properly, they almost guarantee you good attendance to your party.

BBQ Invitations are a great way to start an open-air party. Especially, fall parties are always extremely memorable. As mentioned above, the finest way to start the party is with a unique BBQ Invitation. Invite your friends and family, then fire up the grill and start cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, beef, bratwurst, and fun! Everyone loves an outdoor BBQ party whatever be the occasion and everyone invited are almost sure to come. A great BBQ Invitation is a great way to kickstart your BBQ party planning.

To give your invitation a BBQ feel, you can put up a grilled food like burger, bacon, and beef etc. image on it. Summer or fall themed background completes the feeling and is enough to make the reader ravening by just looking at it. Next comes the wording of the invitation. You can browse and choose a good and humorous phrase to put on the BBQ Invitation card. It’s best if the phrase is related to barbecue, foods, summer, fall or outdoor party. It can just set the mood for the party of your guests. You can get creative and arrange the words in the shape of a grill or a grilled food.

Free BBQ (Barbeque) Party Invitation Templates

Here are several good looking but free BBQ (Barbeque) Party Invitation Templates in MS Word format.

BBQ Party Invitation Template 01

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BBQ Party Invitation Template 02

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BBQ Party Invitation Template 03

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BBQ-Party-Invitation-Template 04

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Be sure to provide all the basic and necessary information about the party like the date, time and location of the party. Well, if the party is in your house, you are inviting your close friends or family only and they all know your house’s address, you can just put “My House” for the venue of the grill. You can ask your guests to bring some stuff to grill and/or beer also. If any of your guests is a vegan and you have made arrangement for them, don’t forget to mention on your BBQ Invitation.

At the end, provide a RSVP option like a response card or your contact number. This allows the guests to send you their reply easily and you to keep a record of the number of guests attending so that you organize the meat, drinks and dishes accordingly.

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