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Every organization regardless of their size and type depends mainly on their machinery and equipment. This doesn’t necessarily mean industrial production machines and huge plants but this fact is true for small and common office machines i.e. photocopier, fax machine, and computer server. One day everything is working perfectly and the next day suddenly the photocopier is not working.

To avoid these situations and to eliminate potential delays in the workplace, office administrators usually do periodic maintenance and cleaning of important machines. You would be surprised how much damage common office dust and fluff in the air can cause common equipment i.e. computers, laptops, fax machines, and internet switches and routers let alone industrial production plants. To do this, the person in charge is also responsible to record each time a machine is checked, cleaned, and maintained. This record is done on a cleaning log sheet which is commonly referred to as a maintenance logbook.

Key Elements of a Cleaning Log Sheet:

  • Name of the company and department where cleaning or maintenance is done
  • The date on which cleaning is conducted
  • Person in charge of the entire process along with his team members
  • Duration of the last cleaning to the current cleaning job i.e. 1 month or 3 months
  • Type and description of machine that is being cleaned and maintained
  • Detailed (step by step) explanation how the machine is cleaned
  • Checklist to confirm all important tasks were completed during cleaning process
  • Details of the parts that need to be replaced immediately or after a while
  • Current condition of the machine and any potential damage
  • Personal recommendations regarding the machine if applicable
  • Signature of the person in charge stating process completion

Free Printable Cleaning Log Sheet Templates

Checkout these Printable Cleaning Log Sheet Templates in MS Word and Excel. Feel free to download and make them as per your requirements.

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Importance and Uses of Cleaning Log Sheet Templates:

These days when there are hundreds and thousands of companies in the market, competition has never been this tough. Business owners understand that a slight increase in the price or a small extension in the delivery date of a product can cause serious damage to the reputation of the company especially if it’s a manufacturing plant. Most companies produce all the raw material in-house which means the completion of each part of a manufacturing process is crucial for the next step and if there is a delay due to equipment malfunction, it can stop the entire production line.

Because of this and many other factors, manufacturers focus on the maintenance and cleaning logs as these logs or documents reveal the actual condition of a machine and if there is a problem i.e. a part is broken or causing further damage to the machine, it is mentioned on the maintenance log and suggestions are made to replace or repair the machine.

Another important aspect to understand is that each machine regardless of how expensive it is has a specific useful life. This can be a year or 5 years or even 10 years after which the machine should be replaced. If there is no maintenance or cleaning log for each machine, it’s not possible for the production manager or engineer to confirm when a machine is going to malfunction or stop working.

To ensure that important machines are kept cleaned and well maintained, production units depend mainly on these log sheets. On one hand, they can make sure that a machine or plant is checked periodically where on the other hand, small problems can be fixed in time before a tiny part inside the machine causes big damage.

Most of the machines and equipment these days come with a warranty from the manufacturer and the maintenance book provided with the machine specifically states that in case there is a problem with the machine while it’s still in warranty needs to be checked by the producer. This means if the maintenance in charge encounters a problem with a machine i.e. weird noise or an oil leak, he can immediately contact the manufacturer and ask them to check and fix it.

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