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Download these 13 Free Cocktail Menu Templates to start preparing your own colorful Menu quickly and easily.

A cocktail is a mixer of more than two drinks that cocktails alcohol. So a Cocktail Menu will show the list of cocktails that are available and at times you can also show the type of drinks that have been mixed to make up the cocktail drink. This article will discuss the Cocktail Menu design trends for your assistance.

How To Design a Cocktail Menu Template?

When you are designing a Cocktail Menu, you can choose to customize the menu sheet to take the shape of a cocktail glass. This will look unique and creative since customers will already get the cocktail to feel while reading through the menu. The cocktail glass shape menu will look more appealing and attractive, you can also choose the most attractive font styles to add beauty into the menu sheet but do not use complicated font styles that will give customers hard time reading through the menu. Also, make sure you choose the right size of the menu sheet so that it will take the glass shape and also accommodate all the list of cocktail drinks you are serving without having to use too small a font size.

You can also design the Cocktail Menu such that it is divided into groups. Each group will contain a list of the drinks that you have mixed together and then the name of the cocktail drink will be the heading of the list. This will make it easy for the customers to find their favorite cocktail and also they can read through and understand other drinks that you have mixed to make other cocktails.

If you want to know more about the most popular cocktail drinks in the world in 2020. Check out there to see the different names and recipes of popular cocktail drinks. So they can try something new since they already know the drinks making up the cocktail. It also makes the menu look neater, organized, and professionally designed. Just make sure you use the right font styles and sizes.


Free Cocktail Menu Templates In Microsoft Word

Available here amazing and superb collection of Cocktail Menu Templates. By the use of these, you can draft your Bar and Drink Menu Template quickly.

Cocktail Menu Template 01

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Cocktail Menu Template 05

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Cocktail Menu Template 06

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Tips To Create a Cocktail Menu Templates

The Cocktail Menu can also be designed such that you add images of the cocktail drinks. On top of the image, you write the cocktail name and at the bottom of the image you write the list of the drinks that you mixed to make the cocktail. This will make the menu look more attractive and also the customers will get an easy time reading through the menu.

Make sure you choose attractive font styles as well to boost the menu look. The font size should not be too small so the customers will strain to read through the menu, or too big as it will make the menu boring. You also add font colors as well to add a more attractive look to the Cocktail Menu.

The Cocktail Menu can also be designed such that you put images of the cocktail glasses on the sides of the Cocktail Menu design sheet. For example, if it is a fruit martini cocktail, you can take a clear picture of the martin in the glass and add the picture on the menu. It will look presentable if the picture is put on the left side of the menu and the write the name of the cocktail next to the picture. This will look more interesting and customers can easily read through the menu.

Cocktail Menu Template 08

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