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The flow of documentation attesting of product and service quality supplied by the company/organization generates much more than annoying paperwork. Compliance certificate is a document issued by a competent authority that the supplied goods or services meet the required specifications of the recipient, or the submitted request is approved correctly. It is also called a certificate of conformance, or certificate of conformity.

Uses of Compliance Certificate Templates

Compliance certificate deals with not only the market concerns and customer satisfaction, but it also effectively plays role for managing authority, risks, and compliance of an order. This certificate provides a common, understandable language underlying quality assurance in the field of business relations which leads to customer satisfaction, increased sales and high profits.

Through compliance certificate, the company declares the commitment of meeting or exceeding the standards they have set for their customers. In most of commerce rules of different states, compliance certificate or certificate of conformance is a document certified by a competent authority committing or promising that the supplied goods or services it covers matches the agreed-upon or required specifications.

Compliance certificate covers variety of cases, like the conformity of orders of products or services supplied, requests submitted that is approved accurately, project completed in compliance with predefined plans, or products manufactured meeting the specifically defined area.

If issued by the product manufacturer or a manufacturing representative, this certificate means that the product has been designed or constructed for compliance with relevant essential requirements, and has been through the appropriate conformity assessment process.

Compliance certificate issued by product manufacturer does not mean a quality certificate or quality guarantee of a product, but it is conformity with directives with evidence that there are no obvious or known defects found in the product and it meets the defined criteria of production requirement.

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In case you are a product supplier, compliance certificate is passed down to the supply chain to the end user. It is so because in most cases, the final purchaser is entitled to receive a copy of compliance certificate for particular set of products. Purchaser retain certificate of conformity as they provide documentary evidence that the products complied with the safety requirements applying to the product when brought into use and have met their agreed-upon specifications.

Compliance certificate is particularly important for lifting accessories and lifting machinery, not requiring assembly or installation of machinery on site where the compliance may be a legitimate substitute for the initial examination before first use. A reason behind is that heavy machinery can not be tested easily.

Hirers of heavy equipments or lifting machinery may also require copy of compliance certificate onto the users so that they can meet their constitutional obligations under defined specifications.

legitimacy of  Compliance Certificate Templates

This document should include the essential declaration of conformity with precise information on it. Declare key information about the name and address of the organization taking responsibility of the products, detailed description of products, list of product safety directives it complies with, details and references of relevant.

Usally, standards used to which conformity is declared, date of compliance, name, address and identification number of the notified body which carried out compliance assessment, and identity and signature of the body empowered to draw up the declaration on behalf of the company or an authorized representative of company.

In some cases, compliance of an order can be overwhelming and confusing process because so many authorities may be involved in a complex, multi-tired supply network. Formatting a professional compliance certificate is not an impossible process or it does not need to be seen as red tape if the basic design and purpose of this document is kept in front while drafting it. Contents or formatting of compliance certificate is fairly consistent with requirement of product or business type; their types also range from very specific to general.


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