Construction Proposal Templates

Download these 40+ Free Construction Proposal Templates in MS Word format to assist you in preparing your own Proposal quickly. All these proposal templates include core elements of a professional proposal writing and hence can save a lot of your time.

How many times it happened to you that you got a contractor and either in between the work of after completion, you were surprised by what you thought he would do and what he actually did. A construction proposal is something that is there to protect all involved parties from embarrassment or legal action against each other. A best construction proposal is considered one that gives introduction of all involved parties, what this proposal means for each party, what each of them is supposed to do or perform, how much time it’s going to take to complete the job and how much it’s going to cost.

Typically the basic purpose of a construction proposal is to save disputes between the contractor and financer. Not only that this document will help the contractor understand actual nature of the project but he can also give closer estimate of the actual costs. On the other hand, this proposal will also allow the 2nd party with explaining what they want to construct, how they want to do it and what activities they think the contractor will provide. Another common benefit of construction proposal is that the company seeking for contractors can evaluate more than one offer and thus has better understanding of what each party is bringing to the table and which one of them will be most beneficial with cheaper pricing.

Construction Proposal Templates

Allow me to share with you wonderful set of Construction Proposal Templates available for free download.

If you are preparing proposals for construction project such as Building a House or Commercial market, as a Contractor, then our collection of sample proposal templates can help you a lot. A Construction Proposal Template includes all standard elements of a professional proposal to assist you in writing a perfect proposal.

You need to list down all activities to effectively execute this construction project and also to give estimates both by means of time and money. In some projects, contracts specific time limit is critical and can invoke penalties if not achieved.

A well written Construction Proposal is the one that fulfill both Client as well as Contractor’s objectives.

Here are previews and download links of these Free Proposal Templates.


Construction Proposal Examples

Here are previews and download links of these Free Proposal Examples.

Prepare your construction proposal as per requirements of modern world. This type of Construction Proposal will not only save you from extra work as well as, the cost of extra items that will use in the project. You can even charge for those items that are not supposed to your work activities, but you do for clients. The objective is to maintain the inventory control system and work activities related to warehouse. This type of Construction Proposal is the best opportunity for the constructor.

Construction Proposal Format

A common Construction Proposal format is the one having;

  • Complete introduction of both parties
  • Specific business related details of the contractor i.e. registration number, address and insurance details
  • Date on which the proposal was given to the buyer along with complete details of the witnesses
  • Full overview of the project and complete description of each of the task that the contractor is supposed to perform
  • If acceptable, estimated or exact duration of completion of the project along with timeline for important milestones
  • Complete description and quality features of the materials being used in the project
  • Description of how any violation will result during or after completion of the project
  • Full cost of the project that the buyer will pay to the contractor along with schedule of payments
  • Amount of first payment prior starting the project and deadline for final payment after completion

There are number of websites on internet that allow you to create free basic construction proposals but if you take a look at any common proposal, you will instantly understand that it’s not very difficult to draw one. If you are a professional contractor or you have hired one in the past, you will understand how you imagined the project would go and how it actually turned out. Then the proposal that you create should eliminate any ambiguity or grey area for any party and there you have it a fully functional and legal construction proposal.

Key Elements of Construction Proposal

A perfect construction proposal should have below key elements.

Contractor Information:

This is the beginning of the proposal where all the important details regarding the contractor are included. This means full names, registration numbers, license numbers, insurance details, specific area of expertise and prior experience in construction projects.

Construction Details:

A construction proposal would be considered incomplete if it doesn’t have full description and scope of construction work that is required by the buyer. This typically includes the address or details of property on which the construction will be done, nature of the project i.e. residential upgrade, commercial office building or a road. This part will allow both parties to fully understand what each of them expects out of this project.


This is the part of the proposal where you are allowed to discuss how wise it would be for the buyer to choose your services. This is where you talk about the benefits the other party will get by giving you the project and what you are going to do to cut costs and save time.

Project Cost:

The one thing that gets construction proposals accepted or rejected the most is costing or pricing. It’s for sure that the buyer wants to hire best and most professional contractor for the job but it doesn’t mean he is willing to pay any amount for the job. Most of the time, buyers often tend to look for a contractor who can give same high end services with cheaper costs and that’s why you should talk about benefits of your firm before you talk about how much the project is going to cost.

Market Credibility:

If you have not done a specific construction project i.e. building a bridge in the past, companies will have difficulty understand why they should choose you. In this part of the construction proposal, you should discuss your past projects and give reference of satisfied clients that can vouch for you and level of your services.

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