Consultancy Agreement Templates

Here are 21 Free Consultancy Agreement Templates using MS Word and in PDF Format to help you prepare your own Agreement easily.

In today’s world when businesses are growing rapidly, consultancy is getting more and more common. Many companies prefer to hire professional consultants for their expertise and services these days. Although when the employer and consultant are clear about what they expect from each other, there is no reason to get anxious but there are always possibilities that something might go wrong or someone have some expectations that the other party didn’t have any clue with.

For the safety purpose of both parties involved in the agreement, there is the need to prepare and sign a consultancy agreement. This agreement includes all the details of who is the consultant, who is the employer, what services are expected from the consultant, how much he will be paid and the duration of the services along with the expiration of the agreement.

Free Consultancy Agreement Templates

Here are previews and download links for these free Consultancy Agreement Templates using MS Word and in PDF Format.


Key Elements to include in a Consultancy Agreement:

  • Name of all parties involved i.e. employer and the consultant
  • Date on which the agreement is signed
  • Nature of the agreement i.e. limited that will expire or non-limited
  • Details of consultancy services expected from the consultant
  • Payment process against provided services
  • Crucial terms that needs to be protected
  • Explanation of termination of the agreement
  • Mediation in case of a dispute
  • Possibility of addition of services
  • Signature of both parties

Simple Guidelines for preparing a Consultancy Agreement:

  1. Introduction to both parties involved:
    This is the beginning of the agreement and this part of the agreement should include all the basic details i.e. name of the person or company who wishes to hire a consultant, name of the consultant along with specific area of his expertise, date on which the agreement is signed and nature of the agreement i.e. extendable or expiration date.
  2. Details of required services i.e. specific consultancy:
    This part of the consultancy agreement should mention all the services that the employer wishes to get from the consultant. This part is very crucial because most of the time when an agreement is terminated, the key reason is that the employer asks the consultant to provide a service that was not mutually agreed between them. To make sure everyone understands what they are expected to do, this part is added in the agreement and no matter how much space it takes, this part should explain each and every service very clearly.
  3. Duties of the client:
    In the same sense, a consultancy agreement should have the portion where the duties and responsibilities of the client are enlisted as well. For instance, if the employer agreed to provide work space to the consultant or agreed with him doing work from home and paying for his utility bills, this should be mentioned clearly in the agreement.
  4. Payment details:
    Money is always an important part of any agreement which means when you are hiring someone for consultancy services, you will definitely pay him for his services. The amount that you agreed to pay in exchange of services and the details of how and when the payment will be made should be included in the consultancy agreement.
  5. Signature of both parties:
    At the end, this consultancy agreement needs to be signed by both of the parties involved in the agreement. Although there is no needs but sometimes consultants prefer to have witnesses sign the agreement as well which is plays a great role in mediation or a dispute in the future.

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