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Contact Log is a call record showing all the calls that you and your contacts make to each other at any given time. Keeping an accurate Contact Log can be very helpful to you either at work or even at a personal level. This article will focus on the importance of the Contact Log document.

Importance of Contact Log Templates

An accurate Contact Log will help you to be able to retrieve information about a particular call even after a long period of time. You are able to access the time and dates of the calls including the details you and the contact discussed. This will be very important especially if you are keeping a business Contact Log, so you do not lose crucial information and you are able to get your customer information any time.

With an accurate Contact Log, you are able to keep track of your client’s order. You can tell when the client called in for an order and the details of the client’s requirements. This is important so you make sure you deliver the exact products that the client ordered. You can also keep track of the time your employees take to deliver orders to the clients by looking at the time the client contacted you and the time the order is delivered. This way you can improve on the delivery time and make sure you keep your customers satisfied with your services.

Free Simple Printable Contact Log Templates

We present here a remarkable collection of Printable Contact Log Templates. Just grab them and edit them.

Contact Log Template 01

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Contact Log Template 10

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Using of Contact Log Templates

Contact Log will also help you to follow up on due invoices. For example, if you called a client in regards to an overdue invoice, you can retrieve that information and the outcome of the call like dates you discussed, the client should clear the invoice. With this information at hand, you know when you should contact the client again to remind them about the overdue payments.

By looking at your client’s Contact Log, you can tell if your business is doing well. The Contact Log records will show you the number of clients calling in to make orders and the number of deliveries you are making per day. If the Contact Log shows that you have a good number of clients calling in, that means that you are making numerous deliveries and your business is making a profit.


Contact Log Template 15

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Contact Log Template 21

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Contact Log Template 22

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Contact Log Template 23

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Contact Log Template 24

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Contact Log will also help you to keep track of the customers’ complaints. This is very important for the management of customer service to be able to solve small issues before they become big problems. It is also important to keep information about the customer’s contact so that you can tell if other customers are experiencing similar problems so that you can find a way of solving the problem before it affects your business.

Contact Log is also very important in case you want to retrieve a client’s number that was not saved on the phone. It becomes easier for you to retrieve the number if you remember the date that the customer contacted you on, or by looking at the call summary information you can tell which client made the call. So the Contact Log document saves you in many sensitive situations.

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