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Download these 40+ Free Cornell Notes Templates to help you prepare and print your own Cornell Notes quickly. If you are a student and looking for a perfect way to take notes during lectures then, Cornell Notes Taking System is a most suitable choice. You can also use this system to take notes for your official meetings and/or technical seminars offered to a wide group of people. It allows you to record notes in the form of questions/clues and then to write description notes regarding that particular Clue or Question. This helps you to organize your notes in a easy to remember method.

Here are useful Cornell Notes Templates for anyone to download quickly.


Above listed Cornell Notes templates assist you to follow Cornell Method to take notes and get maximum benefit from your learning activity.

The Five R’s of Cornell Notes Taking System

The whole Cornell Method is divided into Five R’s to simplify it for an average student. Lets discuss them one by one in details.


The first and the foremost step is to record your lecture contents by writing down quick notes. Try not to miss facts & figures as they are the core to remember. Also, try to summarize the longer points into shorter sentence so that it should be easier to write and then to recall.


Once you are done with your notes writing and lecture is over. Next step is to reduce your notes in the form of Questions and/or Clues to sum up a portion of your notes. This will make it much easier for you to memorize details of each and every little topic.


Now its time to test your Questions or Clues that you have selected to reduce your notes. You need to hide notes section and read each question or clue word and then try to answer it loudly by remembering the notes area. If you can successfully do that, your clues are perfect and working fine.


Now while reciting your Questions or Clues, try to explain in further details. Try to remember lecture’s actual content and try go in details as much as possible. Try to focus on main principals of the topic to answer the specific question. Also try to memorize important facts and figures directly related to this topic.


Plan a schedule some time every week to review your notes to get maximum benefit from these Cornell Notes Taking System. This will also help you to prepare for your upcoming lectures as you are up to mark with previous knowledge and ready to grasp the next. Moreover, this is quite useful when the exam time comes in. As you have tested notes written and recalled several times, so it should be very fast to review them again just before the exam.

Other Applications or Uses of Cornell System

You can also use Cornell Notes Taking system other than traditional school or college studies. In fact, it is a best system to help you grasp any technical topic in depth and in a systemic process. Once you are used to of this process, you can use it in every professional to study and adopt new technology advancements and/or process improvements. Here are a few of typical uses of this Cornell Notes Taking System and above listed free Cornell Notes Templates.

  • Use it to get maximum benefit from Open House sessions in your field. Most of the advances companies, plan these kind of Open house sessions to introduce and explain their new technologies and adoption of new standards. Since they are quite complicated for a layman, so it requires full attention as well as focus to grasp the details. Using Cornell System you can easily achieve this without spending too much of your energy.
  • Technology Seminars are also quite common in technical fields such as Information Technology, Media and or Construction. Such seminars are quite expensive mostly and hence requires you to get maximum benefit out of it in less time. Using Cornell Notes Taking System, you can easily record knowledge delivery and can also recall it anytime later on.
  • Workshops are also a common way to convert your theory into practical skills. By using these Cornell Notes you can easily record workshop contents quite effectively and can also recall them anytime you want.

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