Credit Card Authorization Forms

In simple words, a credit card authorization form is a formal permission letter that is signed by an account holder and it allows a business to take payments from the account mentioned in the form. This is a very common authorization form that is used when you don’t want to show up for each payment made from your credit account. On one hand, this authorization form protects the owner of the credit account from mistakenly cancelling a payment request where on the other hand, it also benefits the other party from being accused of fraud or unauthorized payment on behalf of the account holder. Printable Forms are usually available in PDF Format to allow anyone to download and print his form easily.

Types of Credit Card Authorization Form:

One Time Authorization Form:

As the name states; this authorization form is created for one time use only. This means that it is specifically made for a single time use only and once it’s used, the other party can’t use it after that. This type of credit card authorization forms are mostly used for purchasing common items either online or from the market.

Reoccurring Authorization Form:

This is the type of authorization form that is used for more than once. Because the holder of this form will make multiple payment requests, it’s very important for the owner of the credit card to state that it can be used for multiple times. Although it’s not common but as the owner, you can also give an expiration date after which the holder won’t be able to use the authorization form.

Free Credit Card Authorization Forms

Allow me to share with you these 44 Free Credit Card Authorization Forms to your quick assistance.


Tips on creating a Credit Card Authorization Form:

Customer’s Information:

As the owner of the credit card, you will be referred to as ‘customer’ in most of the credit card authorization forms. This is vital to keep things simple and brief. This is the first part of the form where you need to give details i.e. full name, business information, contact details, full address and most importantly; email address and phone number. These details will confirm that you are in fact the actual owner of the credit card.

Credit Card’s Details:

This is the 2nd part of the credit card authorization form and here you need to give full details of credit card that will be used by another person or company. Here some details are very crucial i.e. name and type of credit card, credit card number and its date of expire and sometimes the code that is written on the credit card. Among these details, the code of the credit card is something that a company doesn’t need which means unless the other party defines why they need it, you should give it out to anyone.

Details of Use of Credit Amount:

This is the third part of the authorization form and this is what’s most important and critical because this is where you will specify how much amount you allow the other party to use from your credit card and how often these payments will be requested. If this is a onetime thing, you should clearly mention it in the form and if the deductions are going to happen often i.e. once or twice each month, make that very clear on the credit card authorization form so the bank has clear knowledge of upcoming deductions.

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