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Getting married and having kids is a dream that almost all of us share. Some people prefer to get married earlier i.e. in their late 20’s or early 30’s while some want to enjoy their life more and they get married after 45 or even 50 years of age but one thing is for sure that we can’t stand the idea of being alone on our death bed and this scary thought is the base of settling down and starting a family.

Whether you believe it or not but it’s a fact that more than half of marriages end up in divorce sooner or later. There can be lots of reasons for a spouse to file for divorce but the important thing is that getting divorced is a legal process and a simple mistake, error, or misunderstanding in the divorce papers can lead to a serious disaster. It’s advised to consult with a divorce attorney to check what you should include in the divorce papers and what power and rights you have but below you will find the most common legal issues that any divorce paper should cover.

Free Divorce Paper Samples & Templates

Check out these printable Divorce Paper Samples & Templates in MS Word and PDF format.

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Legal Issues To Cover In Divorce Papers:

  1. Custody of children:
    While filing for divorce, the most important thing to keep in mind and in focus is the legal custody of your kids. It doesn’t matter if you want to divorce your husband or wife because if you have solid reason for divorce, court can grant legal custody rights of your kids to either partner and it’s not always the case that mother always gets the legal and full custody of all kids. What is important here while you file for divorce is to clearly mention if you want full custody of your kids or if it’s going to be a joint custody between you and your partners.
  2. Visitation rights:
    Whether you get full custody of your kids or your ex partner also gets it, each partner should have specific visitation instructions to meet with the kids. For instance, you want full custody of your kids but you also allow your husband to visit and meet with kids on weekends and he can even take them out for meals and shopping. If this is the case, you should clearly mention it in the divorce papers. If there was ever domestic abuse involved, you can also request for restraining order to keep your partner away from the kids. This part also involves visitation rights for grandparents and other close relatives i.e. aunts and uncles.

Editable Divorce Paper Samples & Templates

Feel free to download these editable Divorce Paper Samples & Templates and make them as per your requirements.


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Guidelines to Create a Divorce Paper Samples & Templates

  1. Financial support for kids:
    One of the most important elements to cover in divorce papers is how your partner is going to take care of the finances i.e. expenses. As soon you are separated or divorced from your partner and you get full or even joint custody of your kids, being a mother, you have the legal right to ask your ex-husband to pay for all the expenses of the kids i.e. education, food, clothing, residence, travel, health insurance, and emergency situations i.e. an accident, etc. In some states, if the mother has full custody and she has a permanent job, she can’t ask for child support while most of the countries and states allow mothers to get child support even if they have a stable source of income.
  2. Division of assets:
    By law, it is already cleared that when a divorce takes place, the wife gets half of what the husband owns and this law is almost the same in various countries around the world with few exceptions i.e. Pakistan or India where divorce court can’t force the husband to divide his assets and pay 50% to his wife. In general, even if it is already defined by the law, there can be some ambiguity so you need to clearly state how you want the asset division to take place. If there is a prenuptial agreement signed, you need to mention that in this part of the divorce paper.
  3. Ownership of debts:
    If the wife gets half of what her husband owns, does this means she also shares the debts and mortgages? Well, it’s not the same for debts because if your husband owes money to his business partners or a bank or if it’s just credit card debt after the assets are divided, the debts stay with the original debtor. If this clause wasn’t mutually agreed upon and entered in an agreement before marriage, you are not entitled to take responsibility for what your partner owes and this should be clearly mentioned in the divorce papers.

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