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Most of the times, when you want to take a leave of absence from work or school, you just inform your supervisor or teacher and that works fine but when you are going to be absent for more than 1 day, you are required to present an authorized document to the concerned person. This document is what we refer to as professional doctor note. This note is a letter that is drafted by a registered doctor and it explains why an individual should be allowed to stay home and not attend school or work. Doctor note is applicable mostly when you are genuinely sick or have some surgery coming up and doctor has advised you to take complete bed rest. Other than taking absence from work, this note can also be used for number of other reasons. Some of these common reasons for using a doctor note can be;

  1. Employment fitness:
    Most employer especially manual labor supervisors require their new employees to present a doctor note that clearly states that the doctor has examined the individual and finds him completely capable and fit to perform his duties. For instance, you are applying in a construction company where you will spend most time in the field which means the doctor note will state that you are fit to do this kind of job on daily basis.
  2. Extracurricular activity fitness:
    Most of the schools and colleges ask their students to first enroll in a physical test to make sure that they can play a sport. Once they pass the test, the examiner issues recommendation letter which is also refer to as doctor note. This note confirms that the individual is physically fit to take part in games and sports.
  3. Travel fitness:
    This is not very common but still many countries require visa applicants to present doctor note so they can check and verify that this person is physically fit to travel. This note is especially important if someone is traveling out of third world countries where there are often breakouts of contagious viruses.

Commonly if such a letter is written by a registered doctor and it includes full details of the individual along with clear statement from the doctor that he finds that person fit for job or sport, it works most of the time. But, some organizations have a specific format or form of doctor note which they recommend to be filled by the doctor. This is to make sure that there is no missing or misleading information on the letter.

Free Doctor Notes Templates

Here are useful Doctor Notes Templates to download quickly.



A typical doctor note would be considered as legal and authorized if it includes;

  1. Doctor’s full details:
    This is the part of the note that makes it official. Most of the time, doctors use letterhead of hospitals or private clinics to make the note original. This part of the note should include full name of doctor, his area of specialty, name of the hospital with complete address and contact information.
  2. Nature of the note:
    This portion of the note only has a subject line where it’s clearly written the purpose for which this note will be used i.e. for employment, for taking leave of absence or medical history certificate.
  3. Patient’s full details:
    It’s obvious that this part of the doctor’s note will include full details of the patient i.e. his name, complete address, social security number, medical insurance details and contact info.
  4. Illness certificate:
    In case the patient is injured or sick and he can’t be allowed to attend work or school, his full illness description will be written in this part of the letter by the doctor.
  5. Authorization statement:
    This is the heart of the doctor’s note as it will include a full and descriptive statement from the doctor about why the patient visited him, what he examined and what are his conclusions are. If the patient is injured and not able to move, doctor will recommend bed rest for him or if he is handicapped, doctor will suggest a suitable work environment for him. This part will also include the duration for which the patient should stay at home as recommended by the doctor.
  6. Sign and Stamp:
    This is the end of the doctor’s note where the doctor will put his name, his signature and hospital or private practitioner’s stamp.

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