Free Flyer Templates with Tear Off Tabs

Flyers are the most convenient marketing tool that anyone can employee at any time. Its quite helpful to sell something or spread a message, or facilitate you to find something of your interest. Anyone can create Flyers in few minutes with little to no design skills. It offers the ability to make as many copies as you want by print or in digital file format. Adding tear off tabs takes just a few more minutes to create than a regular flyer, but makes immense difference of marketing to your business.

Adding such tear off tabs will get you more strength to the printed information on the flyer. This kind on flyers are called tear off flyers. Fundamentally, the tear off flyers is the standard form of flyers used by an individual or company to convey their contact information (such as phone number, email address, or website) as a separate slip. The interested people can then tear off the slip and keep it in their pocket for later reference. It allows them to contact you even if they don’t have your flyer with them.

Benefits of Flyers with Tear Off Tabs

Tear off flyers are also great means of other marketing purposes of a public message. Tear off tabs let the people walk away with your information when they see the flyer hanged or posted on a wall or pillar. It saves their time and trouble of taking notes of the information conveyed on flyer. Creating tear off flyer using tabs is simple.

Like other standard flyer designs, graphics or images play vital role in look and feel of a flyer. Appropriate use of graphics holds the power of grabbing the viewer’s interest and attention immediately. So it is necessary to use best suitable and attractive image material in flyer. Include images of vibrant colors, easily readable font color and size; it matters a lot especially when you are going to hang your flyer on some area.

Tear Off Flyer Format

Choose a heading or title of your flyer that describes the purpose of your ad in concise way in shortest form and draw the attention of viewers to your flyer. Do not forget to add any relevant information, name and contact details in the flyer itself, because when people tear off all the tabs, other viewers still need to be able to see information and get in touch with you.

Setting the order and placement of tabs will make the look of your flyer complete. Tabs should be placed in a manner that flyer itself remains under the consideration of viewers with complete message when all tabs are gone. Text and font of tabs should be easy to read and tear off using pleasant alignment. Usually tabs are created across the bottom area of a flyer. It is divided into cells using the ruler of the program you rare using to create it.

Text orientation of tabs is usually different from the rest of flyer in tear off flyers. Text on tabs is in rotated form up to 90 degrees depending on the software in use. Then this text is copied and pasted to other tabs until all tabs are filled using same format.

Your tear off flyer is ready!

Free Flyer Templates with Tear Off Tabs

Here are some great looking Free Flyer Templates with Tear off Tabs option.


Save to take printed copies. Before you take print, keep in mind that users need to tear off those tabs. Cut along all the edges of tabs using scissor or paper cutter. The printing paper should be light weight, thin, and easy to tear off. Hard paper may be difficult for user to pull the tab off, or it may result in tearing entire flyer away. Also avoid using glossy paper in such ads. Tear off flyers are suitable for hanging at corners or display areas.

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