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Download these 25 Free Gift Certificate Templates to spice up this holiday season with lots of new sales.

A  Gift certificate is just like machine understandable card that allow recipient to purchase goods from a store the amount entitled in certificate. This certificate is redeemable in a particular store and consumer can get commodities according to his/her area of interest. This is era of technology and hence, Gift Certificate is changed as a gift card. This is also called a voucher or Gift card. Mostly companies allow consumers to use Gift cards to increase their sale and attract customers. This is very important and attractive for companies. Retailer or banks can allow customers Gift certificates or Gift cards. Following steps are helpful for business while using a Gift certificate.

Better Apparent Worth:

It’s very crucial for companies because, Gift coupons and gift cards will make consumer to feel good and he will visit store many time. Make customers brand loyal so that, he will never go to another shop. Customer will visit more than one to use his Gift card.

Don’t Scratch into your Income:

Organizations never sacrifice their profit so that, if you provide a customer Gift card he will ultimately spend more than 40% value of card. This is very easy and fantastic way to increase your investment and company can generate their revenue easily. This is called cash back marketing approach.

Make income in Advance of Transaction:

If a person have gift card he will use this card before using the cash, so it is very great marketing strategy to promote sale. Gift cards can instantly flow your cash.

Brand Consciousness and Customer Loyalty:

Often customers attracts to the gift certificates so that, by proving a Gift card or Gift Certificate customer will become brand loyal. By less cost of Gift certificate customer will attract to you. Customer will visit and shop there.


Gift certificates are commonly used in UK, USA and Canada but, the trend is increasing in other countries. If your relatives and beloveds are far away you can easily send it by email and can even post them simply.  People think that Gift Certificate is lazy Gift because you have to go to particular store and while presenting Gift Certificate you can get your goods according to requirements consequently, it is normally a lazy gift. But these are helpful when you don’t know about the interest’s likes and dislikes of a person. Some Gift Certificates have expiry date if the recipient forgot to collect goods from store etc. then money is wasted and he can’t present it after date so, chances of loss is more. Some gift certificates have no expiry date but, date should be mentioned to avoid disputes among storekeeper and customer. Some restaurants provide their customers a Gift card so that they can easily get discount from that restaurant.


Coupon cards are also hugely important. While using coupons customers can get discount from store items etc. Other types of Gifts cards are mobile cards that allow user to update their apps. Generally Gift Certificates are very helpful and easy way to award someone as a Gift.

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