Goods Delivery Receipt Templates

Download these 18 Free  Goods Delivery Receipt Templates. All receipts are designed in MS Word, Excel, and PDF Format.

On receiving the goods or documents at your house, shop or company, usually customer signs a delivery receipt that is used by the shipping company to keep as a written proof that the courier has delivered the goods order and customer has received it. Goods delivery receipt is a document which is signed by the recipient of the shipment to confirm that they have actually received the shipment and taken the custody of shipped goods.

Uses of Goods Delivery Receipt Templates

Generally, delivery receipt is used by the business which delivers ordered valuables, goods or documents to record the safe delivery of shipment. For instance, a customer orders some kind of goods from online stores and asks the company to send the order by DHL or UPS. The customer has to sign the couriered goods deliver receipt of the sender company when he / she receives those goods.

Though there is not any standard format defined for goods delivery receipt, but it is an official document which needs to be drafted in a proper format like other receipt formats. Goods delivery receipt format depends on the business of sender company, or goods delivered to the customer. You can draft your own receipt book according to your requirement, or download / buy a common delivery receipt book to personalize it.

Delivery receipt templates downloaded from internet are very easy to customize and personalize for the expediency of your company and customers. A common deliver receipt format includes details of name and address of sender company, information about the shipped items, date of shipment, quantity and type of items, details of recipient, and signatures of recipient of shipment.

Goods delivery receipt is a short document generated to state the fact, and get a written evidence of goods delivery in an official manner by the sender company. Recipient who orders the goods received the receipt attached with order package through shipment.

Signing this receipt means the delivery has taken place safely up to the desired destination and addressee has received the delivery at a particular time and date at their doorstep, and now he/she has fully taken possession of those goods. This receipt also states the position and appearance of goods at the time of delivery. Delivery receipt serves as a legal document against the ordered/delivered goods to protect the rights of both parties.


Free Simple Goods Delivery Receipt Templates

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Key Points to Create a Goods Delivery Receipt Templates  in MS Word and Excel

Goods delivery receipt should be drafted carefully to avoid any potential error. It can also serve the company as a promotional tool if designed in a professional manner.

Mention the name, contact address, contact number, and fax number of the vendor business / company. Also include logo or stamp of the company to make the receipt more official. Adding contact detail makes it easy for customer to track back and contact the company at any time in case of some issue. A delivery receipt may contain account number of customer, reference number, city of origin, delivery destination, sales tax invoice number, weight and quantity of goods etc. for the convenience of both parties.

While drafting a delivery receipt, it is good to write the detail of your service such as over night, holiday, same day, other day etc. for convenience. Mode of payment, and terms and conditions of goods delivery should be mentioned to avoid any potential disputes or issues in near future.

Usually back panel of a document is used to describe terms and conditions/company policies of a business. Explain your policies on the back panel of delivery receipt regarding delivery, damage or return of the ordered goods.

Do not forget to add and be sure for the correct details and information about goods. Make sure that the quantity, type, weight and status of goods are correct. Reserve some space for signature of recipient with few lines of acknowledgement that he / she has carefully read all policies, terms and conditions defined by the shipper and he / she has no issue with them.

If you include contact addresses of other branches of your business located in other areas in which your services are available, it will work as an effective tool to promote your business. It will draw large number of customers to your services without any superfluous efforts.

At the end of delivery receipt, include signatures to make this document authentic. Always make two copies of any receipt to keep the record for both involved parties.

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