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Download here Best 6+Free Hand and Foot Score Sheet Templates that are drafted in Excel.

Hand and foot is basically a North American competition game which is played with cards. This game is originally related to Canasta. In this game, each player is given two sets of cards including the hand that is played at the first and then the foot that can only be played when the hand is previously dealt.

Introduction to Hand and Foot Score Sheet:

Unlike most of the other card games, there are no standard or international rules for playing hand and foot. There are many people that have made contributions to setting standards and rules for this game. The most common way of playing hand and foot card game is that this is played between four players and they play as partners. Another rule is that this game is played by six players and in this case, the players divide into two teams of three players on each side.

If you like card games and play them with your friends and family members as a good time pass, you can understand that even if you are playing it for fun, it is essential to see who is winning and who is losing. Unlike other card games, hand and foot is a card game in which you can’t just remember the score but you have to use a score sheet in order to keep the points of each player so that at the end of the game, you can count the points and easily see who won the game.

Free Hand and Foot Score Sheet Templates

Here are download links and previews for these Hand and Foot Score Sheet Templates in Excel. These are very easy to use and can be helpful to create a score sheet easily.

Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template 01

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Essential Elements of Create Hand and Foot Score Sheet Templates 

Before you create the score sheet for the hand and foot game, you need to understand the basics and statistics of this game. It starts with the card values and it includes that the joker has 50 points, Aces and two have 20 points, King, Queen, nine and eight have 10 points, seven, six, five and four have 5 points and at the end, black threes have 5 points.

There are some other rules about the score of black threes and white threes but it depends on you how you want to decide the rules. After playing the first hand, when the partners reach a certain score, it’s called a meld and each round of the game has its own value for meld. For example, for 1st round, 50 points, for 2nd round, 90 points, for 3rd round, 120 points and for 4th round, 150 points.


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Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template 06

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More Useful Tips For Creating a Hand and Foot Score Sheet:

When we talk about keeping scores of a hand and foot game, the basic rule here is that the score keeping process depends on what rules and standards you use for playing this game as there is a different score sheet for each kind of game and for each different set of instructions and game rules.

Most commonly, when this game is played between 4 players, there are five columns on the score sheet, 1 column for each individual player and the extra column is where you can put the statistics or details of the game i.e. hands and scores of each round. This way the score sheet will have four sections for each round of the hand and foot game.


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