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Income certificate is required for students at school for claiming scholarship, and also for admission in some educational institutions or hostels. Income certificate is issued to those who fall below the poverty line. For instance, people having an annual income of Rs.11,000 fall below the poverty line. So it is an identification document with which the counter personnel can verify the identity of the individual soliciting.

Purpose of  Income Certificate

The government of state is responsible to issue income certificates. The purpose of issuing these certificates is that students do not have to face hardships in getting admission to educational institutions and obtaining their records. Income certificate can be applied online after submitting application forms by the applicants with supporting documents.

Income declaration form is filed by the students who intend to apply for the issuance of income certificate of their parents so that they can file applications for scholarships or fee reimbursement. Government has furnished the format of income certificate and declared that the validity of income certificate will remain one year from the issue date. So the income certificates are issued at annual basis.

Income certificates serve for various advantages to students including school admission, school fee reimbursement, and scholarship schemes. Moreover, purpose of requirement of an income certificate can be for receiving financial assistance from the various backward class corporations of the state government. Income certificate is required for different schemes declared by government, i.e. entitlement to get plots of lands or flats sponsored by government, special offers of bank loans, etc.

Students apply this document for getting admission in some educational institution to use a reserved quota meant for that class. People need to have an income certificates to enjoy the benefits of various social benefit schemes declared by the government in different times. People need this document to prove the qualification to financial institutions or banks to apply for the loan on easy installments by showing this certificate.


Simple Income Certificate Templates

Check out these Professional Income Certificate Templates in MS Word or PDF  format.


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Format of Income Certificate Templates in MS Word

n addition, this document is necessary to enjoy the benefits of special discounts on the purchase of goods, passport application procedures, and bank accounts. Every state and country has its own requirement, benefits, validity period, and uses attached with income certificate.

When an income certificate is required, White Ration cards are issued to the BPL families only, and these White Ration cards are enough proof of their income and financial status.

To get income certificate, applicant needs to show proof that they really fall below the defined poverty line. The poverty line means that an individual or family is unable to bear the expenses due to their poor financial conditions. So the income certificate enables the concerned personnel to directly approach or access those individuals or families to present financial aid and other benefits. Government has appointed revenue authorities for issuance of income certificate to people so that they can get certificate without suffering any hurdles.

Your income tax return itself serves as income certificate. However, certain financial institutions and business units ask for income certificate which can be certified by Chartered Accountant. Supporting documents for obtaining income certificate with the application form include a copy of Ration card, income report of applicant that is verified by the MC of the area, self declaration certificate, copy of school certificate, and a copy of salary slip in case of government employment. While applying for income certificate, you have to mention the reason why you are applying for this document and where you need it.

The layout and format of income certificate is declared by state of government; it also vary according to the type and purpose of certificate issued. But general format of income certificate issued to students can be like:

“This is to certify that __________________

Son of / Daughter of / wife of / Guardian of _________________

Regarding at _________________________________________


His / Her Father / Mother / Husband / Guardian Monthly / Annual income is

Rs. _____________ Rupees ______________________________

in working as _____________________________________


Designation: ”


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