Instruction Manual Templates

These simple Instruction Manual Templates can assist you in a better way to create a perfect Instruction Manual.

It’s for sure that even you have seen thousands of instruction manuals in your life, you never paid any attention to how these are created and what makes it a good or bad manual until the moment you are asked to create one and you start imagining how it should be created and what should be added in the manual.

Technical Manual Format

A manual can provide a number of benefits for the readers including a clear guide to how to operate a machine or equipment, finding and solving common problems, and doing periodic maintenance while not creating a new problem or error within the machine. It is said that a comprehensive instruction manual is created when the person puts himself in the shows of the consumer or user of the machine while putting his understanding and knowledge of the machine aside so it doesn’t come in between providing clear and simple instructions regarding a machine.

Free Printable Instruction Manual Templates

Check out these new Instruction Manual Templates and make an Instruction Manual easily.

Instruction Manual Template 01

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User Manual Template

Here are comprehansive Instruction Manual Templates in MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF format which can be easily customized.


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Tips For Drafting Comprehensive Instruction Manual:

  1. Get rid of your own thoughts:
    If you are preparing an instruction manual for a machine or equipment, chances are that you know and understand the machine thoroughly like it was built by you. This can create problems for you while you prepare the manual because you might not understand that the users or readers won’t be familiar with the machine as much as you so you need to get rid of your knowledge about the machine and then write the manual from the point of view of a person who is coming in contact with the machine for the first time.
  2. Understand the key objective:
    There are two types of manuals; ones that stick to the basic information and precise instructions and the ones that require readers to read a long paragraph just to understand the instruction or process. While creating a comprehensive manual, you need to remember the last manual that you read and what effect it had on you. You can clearly remember the precise and short manuals always seem easy while going through 100 pages just to understand a coffee maker seems overwhelming.
  3. Create a rough draft first:
    Before you can start writing the actual instructions, it’s important to first write down all the details i.e. headlines, sections and categories in a rough draft and see if you like it and if all the necessary information is added in the manual. Making this first draft will allow you to fully understand how you want to start the manual and how you want to end it with precisely the exact steps and points to explain throughout the manual.
  4. Be short and brief:
    It’s not going to easy to keep yourself from explaining how a machine works and what can go wrong with it when you know the equipment so well but it’s important to keep the manual as simple and short as possible. If you can explain something in a few words, don’t try to write an entire paragraph about it but rather, use more images and illustrations to portray the correct way of acting on instruction.
  5. Keep the manual easy:
    When it comes to machines and equipment, there are always industry-relevant keywords and figures of speech that only a professional or relevant person can understand, and for an outsider, they are impossible to understand. These are the words that we also refer to as jargons and when you are creating an instruction manual, you should avoid using jargons and keep the language as simple as possible.

Editable Instruction Manual Templates

Here are some more Instruction Manual Templates that can be customized easily.

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