Late Rent Notice Templates

If you have given a property to some Tenant and facing Late Rent problems with him, then here are 34 Free Late Rent Notice Templates to assist you in preparing a professional Notice.

Such problems are quite common specially in the areas where economical recession is going on. People are receiving pay cuts in their salaries while businessmen facing drops in their trading. Hence its quite possible that they can pay you rent later than the schedule date. If it happens less often, then its fine and you shall prefer to wait for the things to improve rather than going to for legal notice. However if it prolongs and seems like your Tenant is taking it as for granted, then you need to send him a legal notice to bring his attention to this matter.

Free Late Rent Notice Templates

A wise decision while writing any legal notice is to study existing notices and choose the one most suitable for your situation. Selection of words is very important as it should not be too harsh while keeping up with the seriousness of this matter. Here we are sharing so many Late Rent Notices in MS Word as well as in PDF format to assist you in preparing your own Late Rent Notice quickly.


Writing Late Rent Notices

First and the foremost task that you need to do is to study law or consult your legal attorney to understand your rights.  In this way, you can easily set up a proper way to communicate with your tenant and can also foresee possible outcomes of such a notice. Make sure your notice convey the right message that is either you want your tenant to start paying you Rent in a timely manner or you want him to start thinking about move to another place.

Make sure you write down all known facts in a clear and simple way. This includes the incidents where your Tenant misses Rent Dates as per agreement with you. Emphasis on frequency of such incident to bring his attention towards the seriousness of this matter. Also mention the importance of timely payments as why its so important for you. Remind your Tenant about the clauses regarding late payment of rent in original tenancy agreement that you signed with him. You can check out these tenancy agreement templates if you need help in preparing such as agreement.

Finally, state a possible remedy or solution of this situation. Clearly state your limits and how much you can bear to co-operate with your Tenant. This is very important as its going to define your Tenant’s next step to resolve this situation.

Common Mistakes in Late Rent Notices

Usually its observed the Property owner make following common mistakes while writing a Late Rent Notice.

  • Use of unnecessary harsh language which almost threatens the tenant seems like you are going to throw him out.
  • Failed to mention actual data regarding late rent submission.
  • Not specifying a clear plan to move forward from this situation. It is your responsibility to provide a clear plan to your tenant to move forward from here.
  • Forget to remind your Tenant about this consent in original tenancy contract to pay Rent in a timely manner.
  • Drafting this notice on a simple plane paper. Try to use Court to send such notice on a legal document.
  • Mention a deadline to re-check Tenant’s payments and if the problem persists, specify your future plans to take action.

Late Rent Notice Guidelines

Here are general guidelines for drafting an official late rent notice;

  1. Tone of the notice:
    It’s possible that you had good relations with the tenant in the past or you might be unhappy with them for a long time but the overall tone of the notice should be neutral. Keep in mind that this letter might end up in front of a judge which means you need to appear calm and professional throughout the content of the notice.
  2. Don’t underestimate important dates and facts:
    The actual purpose of this letter is to inform the tenant that he has violated rent agreement in some way which means you have to be as specific as possible. Start with mentioning when it happened for first time and how you handled the situation. The late rent notice should indicate when the rent was due and when you issued the notice. If you had a conversation with the tenant about the late rent payment, mention it in the notice as well.
  3. Stating the expected results:
    It’s not always the case that when a tenant is behind rent payment, the owner wants him to evict the building but the whole situation can be solved by just paying the rent with late submission charges and confirming it’s not going to happen again. Whether you just want the tenant to make the payment and don’t let this happen again or if it’s time for them to look for a new place and move their stuff in a week or two, clearly state that in the late rent notice.
  4. In case of no response:
    Usually when a tenant receives an official late rent notice, he understands that the situation might get ugly very soon so most of the time, they make the payments and ensure landlords it’s the last time they paid rent late. In case the tenant refuses to make the payment even after receiving the notice or just ignores it, you have the right to file lawsuit against the renters and take the matter into court.
  5. Delivery of the notice:
    If you have the possibility to meet with the tenant and submit the notice personally, it’s better than just sticking the paper on his front door. This way you can ask him to sign on the notice that he has received it and understands the key purpose and expectations of the owner. In other cases, you can just send the notice by mail, personally drop the notice in tenant’s mailbox or send an official email. Either way, make sure the tenant has received it so he has the chance to respond to it.

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