Leave Application Forms

Download these 10 Free Simple Leave Application Forms which are designed in MS Word Format.

Leave application form is a kind of request document written by an employee or prospective person to authority for taking leave. This is used by staff members to grant leave for a particular reason. This form is used for different purposes. If you have more than one reason for taking leave, then fill the separate forms for each reason. Leave application form is used in almost every field .schools, colleges, firms, organizations, banks, etc.

Leave Application Forms for Office

Employees, students, and workers all have their personal lives aside from their job routine or study routine. So in case of emergency or any important time, one may have to move away from assigned tasks or duties. In this case, one makes use of leave application forms.

All leaves should be drafted in a specific leave application’s format and design. Every leave application form has its own design. For example, sick leave has its own requirements, urgent leave has its own format. Different types of leaves are required by employees or students that can be:

  • Sick leave.
  • Urgent piece of work leave.
  • Charges concession leave.
  • Casual leave.
  • Maternity leave.
  • Paternity leave.
  • Transfer leave.
  • Study leave.
  • Annual leave.

The leave application form must be provided to the authority before the required leave time at least two weeks prior or as soon you identify the reason for leave but if you want to leave on an urgent basis then you must submit it on time although you are in hurry.

The employee must complete the leave application form carefully and provide an accurate reason for getting leave, sick, jury, family concerns, or medical. After completion of the leave application form, one must get it signed by authority or approved by the supervisor and get submitted it to the organization’s management desk.

Free Leave Application Forms

Here are previews and download links for various types of official  Leave Application Forms that can assist you to create your own form quickly.


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Guidelines To Make a Leave Application Form

Then the supervisor may verify it that either to this is able to give paid leave or not. Supervisor after assurance keeps one copy with him and other hand over to the employee. It is not necessary that leave application is always accepted, sometimes it is rejected with various reasons. So, whenever granting a leave, try to make in a professional way.

Here are some guidelines you may consider while drafting a leave application form.

  1. If you are writing a sick leave then write it in a way, first of all mention estimated time of your absence and attach medical form signed by doctor.
  2. Then if you want family care leave, then write in a way; duration of illness, relationship of patient with you (spouse, sister, mom, dad etc.). Medical certificate must be attached with leave application form with this too.
  3. If you are intended to take a leave without pay then you should request for a leave subjecting “leave without pay”. Leave without pay is mostly taken when there are no paid leaves left.
  4. If you want to take long service leave then be sure to write in authentic and professional way. It is written after you have provided long services to an organization and want to take leave for any purpose and this leave is paid.

This article probably have provided guide regarding leave application forms, so you may have now a lot of awareness to write for a proficient leave.

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