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A marriage certificate is an officially recorded document issued by government authority as written evidence that the listed couple have legal marriage. Marriage certificate consists of all details and terms of a marriage performed, i.e. date and place of marriage, who married whom names, location, who married them, witnesses names etc.

Importance Of Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is used to hold a legal proof of your marriage in order to guarantee the legal rights of spouses and children. Using a marriage certificate Template, you can apply for the certain social and legal benefits, and settle an estate. These advantages may include a lot such as welfare, tax breaks, family health benefits, etc.

This certificate copy may also be utilized to change spouses’ names, on issues of child legitimacy, in divorce proceedings, to modify the record of family history, to purchase a property jointly, open a joint bank account, to file for joint bankruptcy, for life insurance, etc. In most areas, a marriage record is part of the public record.

Before you order for a marriage certificate, your marriage should be registered. The official who performs the marriage of two people registers the marriage by sending a complete and signed marriage license to the recorder office. It is generally the responsibility of the marriage performing official person to make sure that the couple has signed the marriage license before delivering it to the recorder’s office. Couple has to wait several weeks to apply for a marriage certificate since the recorder’s office has to process the filing of marriage record.

Free Printable Marriage Certificate Templates

Find here free printable marriage certificates that are well designed in MS Word and PDF format.

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Key Points to Make a Perfect Marriage Certificate Templates

About 6 to 8 weeks after the marriage performed and registered, marriage certificate can be ordered to issue. A duplicate copy of the certificate can also be ordered in case of lost, stolen, or damaged marriage certificate original copy. It is all a paid service. It is strongly recommended to couples to get their marriage certificate as soon as possible, because your marriage proof is often required.

In some areas, at the point you sign the marriage license and file the record to the county clerk of recorder’s office, the license gets value of a marriage certificate. If the couple requires getting an additional copy of marriage certificate, they submit a request to recorder’s office where the marriage was performed with required fees attached. Couple can marry in any town within the state where their marriage license is granted.

The only marriage certificates with state seal, or imprinted with a state seal or stamp are appreciated as legal document, and they are considered proper certified marriage certificates. Keepsake marriage certificates without legal stamp or seal are not considered legal documents.

Marriage certificates are often used as proof of entitlement of the couple; so if the spouses need to change their names, they must decide it before they actually get married and submit their signed records to the recorder office. Reason is that the names listed on marriage license and marriage certificate can not be changed once the marriage record is filed.

You can either submit an order for marriage certificate online or submit a written request to the recorder’s office where their marriage license is granted. Online order for certificate is straightforward and user friendly process and it contains built-in help line or written content to guide you through the process. It is very important to know that online process of orders for marriage certificate is subject to a screening review. They also charge according to the type of marriage certificate you have requested for.

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