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A hospital is supposed to be a place where sick people are admitted to be attended by medical professionals and to get proper treatment for their illness but keep in mind that doctors and nurses are still human and when they need to attend hundreds of patients on daily basis, they can make mistakes or errors.

To ensure it doesn’t happen, hospitals and even private clinics implement strict rules and regulations. Some of these regulations include; minimum professional experience of taking care of patients, good knowledge of medical equipment, on-the-job training to handle regular tasks i.e. checking blood pressure or drawing blood to send to the lab but one important element is the use of medication log sheets.

A medication log book or sheet is a document on which complete details of a patient are entered. There are lots of details on this log sheet but most importantly, it includes the prescribed medication and schedule to give the medication to the patient.

Key Elements of a Medication Log Sheet:

  • Name of the hospital where the patient is admitted
  • Name of the patient
  • Details of the patient i.e. age, gender, physical health etc.
  • Name of the doctor or nurse attending the patient
  • Complete medical history of the patient
  • Current illness and it’s recommended treatment
  • Details of the prescribed medication
  • Schedule of intake of the medication
  • Checklist to ensure each medicine is taken by the patient


Free Medication Log Sheet Templates

Here are previews and download links for these printable Medication Log Sheet Templates that are perfectly designed in MS Word, Excel, and PDF.


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Importance And Uses Of  A Medication Log Sheet Templates:

Being a doctor or a nurse means working under enormous pressure all the time and keeping a record of illness and treatment for each patient which is not easy. If there is no helpful or assistive system to provide additional support to the medical staff, they are likely to make a mistake sooner or later. To eliminate the possibility of a mistake, hospitals ensure to prepare a medical chart of each patient as soon he or she is admitted to the hospital.

This chart includes each and every detail of the patient for providing help and understanding to whoever attends the patient. Along with the medical chart, there is a medication log sheet which is widely used by most hospitals and other healthcare facilities. What this sheet does is that it specifically tells the attending staff what illness a patient has, what medication or treatment is prescribed by the doctor, and how the medicine should be given to the patient.

With the help of the medication log sheet, the attending nurse or assistants can quickly check what medication should be given to the patient, and when he should take it. This way the nurses don’t need to remember medicine for each patient by heart but they can just look at the medication log sheet to confirm if they have given the required medicine to the patient on time. There is also another important aspect of this log sheet and that is to verify if nurses are doing their duties without mistakes.

There is an actual checklist on the medication log sheet that the nurse needs to verify and sign each time he or she gives medicine to the patient. When a senior doctor or physician comes to check the patient, he can just take a look at the medication log sheet and verify if the correct medication was given to the patient on time.

If the patient is responding well to the medication, the doctor can prescribe to continue or if there is no improvement in the condition of the patient, the doctor can take a look at the medication log sheet to evaluate each medicine and make required changes i.e. replace a certain medicine or increase or decrease the intake to see if a patient responds well. Then there is the situation where a patient dies in the hospital and his family members suspect that nurses didn’t take care of him or gave him medicine on time and the hospital can just evaluate the medication log sheet to confirm there wasn’t any misconduct caused by any staff member.

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