Mexican Train Score Sheet Templates

Download these Free Mexican Train Score Sheet Templates in Excel and can be very helpful for you to make a Score Sheet.

Mexican train or what we also refer to as simply trains is an American game that is played with domino chips. If you want to understand the basic terminology of this game, you can see a station that has different rails going in different directions on which various trains move. The same thing happens in this game. Each player has a set of dominos that he or she will play.

Introduction to Mexican Train Score Sheet:

The basic role of this game is that the player has to use all of his dominos and start the train from a central station or hub in center of the table and keep adding more dominos until there isn’t any domino chip left in hands of the player. The number of dominos chips that you need for the game depends on the number of players i.e. two players will need double six where nine to twelve players will need double fifteen domino chips.

If you have played a game in which dominos are used as cards or chips, you shouldn’t compare it to the game of Mexican train because this game is way more complicated and difficult than any other dominos game. This is the key and basic reason that when you play Mexican train, you need to keep a score sheet so that you can easily put points of each player on the sheet and at the end of the game, you can also count the points to see who won the game.

Free Fillable Mexican Train Score Sheet Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Mexican Train Score Sheet Templates. These sheets are very appropriate to make a Score Sheet in a minute.


Mexican Train Score Sheet Template 01

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Mexican Train Score Sheet Template 05

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Strategy Elements that are included in the Mexican Train Score Sheet Templates:

When you are playing Mexican trains, it is in your best interest as a player that you keep your train private. If you make your train public, you are allowing other players to cut into your train and interfere with your scores. This can result in losing points for you. You should also understand that although public trains have playing options, so do the private trains so you should try your best to keep your train private. The train becomes public as soon a player can’t add a domino on his or her move because there is no matching domino in their hands.

Useful Tips For Creating a Mexican Train Score Sheet:

The score sheet for this game is not very difficult to make and you can prepare it by yourself. You just need to make a separate column for each player on the score sheet and divide the entire score sheet into as many sections as many rounds you want to have in the game.

The scorekeeping has some rules including; when a round is finished, the player that has no dominos left is awarded 0 points where the other player are awarded as many points as the dots that they have on their dominos. There are usually 13 rounds in this game and the player with the least points at the end of the game is the winner. If two players have equal points at the end of the game, it is a tie and it is resolved by giving 1st position to the player who has more than 0 points in various rounds of the game

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