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The modern language association or MLA writing style is a specific way or format to write academic papers i.e. research work and thesis. Most commonly this is used for literature related papers and thesis work and when it comes to scientific writing, APA format is commonly used because of its technical benefits and advantages. MLA format is a specific set of guidelines for each writer or author to put their thoughts or research work on paper so it’s presented in a manner suitable from reader’s point of view.

There are greater chances that when you are asked to write a paper or thesis work, your teacher will specifically ask you to follow MLA format. It happens because of number of reasons but the most important reason is that it helps creating harmony in all of the submitted papers and not only that students or writers can make sure they include all relevant or required information in a particular manner on the paper but the teacher can also go through multiple papers giving that they are presented in the similar manner with just different information.

Free MLA Format Templates

Here are 36 Free MLA Format Templates to help you accomplish MLA related tasks.


Where to use MLA Format?

Provide Universal Standard for all Authors:
Imagine you are turning your thesis in for evaluation and when you put it on teacher’s desk, you notice that it’s different from other students. This is very common to occur when there are no definitive guidelines for creating content. This is by far the most important reason to use MLA format that when everyone has a specific set of instructions to follow for creating content i.e. research paper or thesis; the results will turn out to be perfect synchronized. This way no one can say that they didn’t know how to write the research paper or they didn’t provide information properly on the thesis work which resulted in bad grade among other students. Students and professional authors can majorly rely on MLA format as it provides same set of instructions for all writers which means even if the content or information in a paper is different; the way each detail is presented remains the same.

Control Plagiarism:
If you ask professional writers about the biggest problem that can occur with their content, most of them would suggest that it’s the fear they have that somehow their original work is going to seem to be copied from someplace else. This is what is known as plagiarism and it’s so serious that if a teacher find copied content in your paper, he has the right to through you out of school. It’s another situation when you intentionally try to present someone else’s work as your own but if you don’t have any intention to do so, it’s better to use MLA format. This format will make sure that you credit the original author throughout the paper or thesis whenever you use copied content as reference.

Make Content easy to Analyze for Readers:
Let’s say that you are a teacher and you ask the students to present their research papers on a literature topic. As soon you go through the first paper, your mind will automatically synchronize with the way details are categorized in the paper. If the next paper turns out to be written in a different style, it’s going to upset your evaluation and it’s going to happen for each and every paper because each writer has their own way of presenting same information on paper. MLA format helps in a great way to control this problem as it gives certain instructions to be followed throughout the paper. This means no matter how many papers you see, they will all turn out to be written in exact manner which means you can evaluate the content better and compare them with each other more effectively.


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