Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office)

Download these professional and best Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office). They are created in MS Word and Excel . Feel free to download them.

Free Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office)

Moving or relocating is something that we all have to go through at some point of life. Even if you hate it and don’t want to move to a new apartment, there are circumstances that will somehow force you to plan the relocation. If it’s not residence relocation, you office administrator might find a building better than the existing one and ask the employees to move to the new place.

In either situation, it’s important to make necessary arrangements before time. If you have moved in the past, you know it can take weeks and even months so as soon you find a new place or finalize the deal with the broker, start the packing process. A document that helps individuals with moving home or office stuff from one place to another is known as Moving Checklist.

Ultimate Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office)

Here are some  amazing Free Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office) download them and edit according to your choice.

Moving Checklist Sample 01

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Importance and Uses of a Moving Checklist:

A moving checklist is just a checklist that is prepared for the solely purpose of moving stuff from one place to another. When you want to relocate your home stuff to a new apartment, you can use Home Moving Checklist and in case it’s office relocation, office moving checklist is more suitable. There are many benefits of using these moving checklists both for individuals and office administrators. For instance, with a moving checklist in place, you can see how much time you have before evacuation deadline and how much stuff you need to move.

If there is not enough time, maybe getting extra help is the only solution. Another situation is where you have lots of delicate items at home that you need to move and each of these items should be bubble wrapped separately and put in a small box or carton so depending on the number of these items, you also need to arrange bubble wrap and cartons. When you use a checklist, you have the facility to see required items and timeline for completion on the paper and once a particular step is completed, you can check it off of the list and move to the next item on the agenda.

Free Printable Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office)

Here are Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office) that are well created in MS Word and Excel. Grab these and make your checklist quickly.

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Moving Inventory List

Checkout these amazing Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office) which can be easily downloaded and quickly editable according to your desire

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Guidelines to Create a Moving Checklist Samples (House or Office)

  1. Make initial preparations:
    Before you start moving, or prepare the moving checklist, the important thing is to plan everything. Usually moving stuff from one home to another or from one office to another can take up to 6 months in some cases. You might think of just packing up the stuff and shifting it to a new location but the process is not that simple. Once the relocation is finalized and it’s for sure that you will move, make the arrangements immediately. The first thing is to contact several different moving companies and get quotation. With bunch of quotations, it’s easy to find the company that offers their services cheaper than others. Once this part is over, let’s move to the preparation of the list.
  2. Select a moving supervisor:
    Whether you are moving home stuff or office stuff, it’s for sure that there will be bunch of guys helping in the moving process. When it’s your home, you will ask your friends and cousins to help you pack and move the stuff while in the office, each department will be responsible for packing their stuff. In this scenario, there should be one person in charge of the entire process. This person should have some experience in packing and moving the stuff especially furniture that you will move from 1st floor to ground floor. The key responsibility of this person will be to assign responsibilities to the team members and ensure there is no damage to the stuff or property.
  3. Divide stuff into categories:
    When you are moving home stuff, divide the stuff into various categories i.e. kitchen stuff, clothing, kids toys, bedroom, living room, bathroom, attic, books, utensils, decoration stuff, electric appliances and furniture. Not only that these categories will help you move stuff in timely manner but you will definitely move your entire home or office before evacuation deadline.
  4. Arrange packing material:
    As soon your moving checklist has various categories and there are different items and stuff in each category, you will quickly evaluate the packing material that you need for relocation and transportation of the stuff. For instance, you will need big cartons to fit your kitchen stuff and books while small cartons or boxes for fragile items. For moving the appliances i.e. television, washing machine, it’s better to find the boxes these items came in because they will be more secure in the original packing. At this stage, you will also need bubble wrap so depending on the stuff you have, estimate the bubble wrap that is required and purchase it before time.
  5. Check items off the checklist:
    The moving checklist will have all the categories and different stuff in each category. You should make two copies of this checklist; one to check while packing and the other is for unpacking at the new place. This way the person in charge of the packing will check off items as soon they are packed and he will check off the items on the second list when they are unpacked at the new place. Not only that this process ensures you pack all the stuff but locating any lost item is also easy because you can ensure it was packed and loaded into the vehicle but wasn’t off loaded after wards so the moving crew might have lost it during traveling.

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