Open House Invitation Templates

An open house is a party at your home where invited guests can come and go at their will. In such parties, your house is the star of the party mainly Whether it is a graduation party, wedding reception party, housewarming party, a birthday party, or anything, an open house is a great way to get your friends, family, relatives and neighbors gathered at your house in an informal way. The first step toward planning an open house event at your home is preparing the Open House Invitations out to your guests. Moving to a new house can be difficult but finding a perfect Open House Invitation is not! You can choose from designs ranging from traditional and classic to whimsical and humorous. You can also choose from creating one by yourself by hand or using a software program at computer.

Whether an event is going to be something traditional or trendier, deciding on just the right invitation design can be a bit struggle. However, you have a large variety of options and assistance by taking advantage of large and free online database to collect ideas for the party invites. Though the open house events are a kind of informal parties unlike other events, so it’s all right to create designs and wording in a little playful manner, but no need to go overboard for it. Some designs are equally appropriate for the Open House Invitation and Housewarming Invitations with a little modification in title and images you require. However, business related open house events are a little formal with somewhat different requirements on the design and wording of an Open House Invitations.

You will definitely like to make your Open House invitation jump out at your invitees and compel them to attend the celebration at your home. As described above, design and wording both work equally important in this aspect. Getting the most appropriate design and wording ideas can be a bit challenging and seem overwhelming. But by using a little creativity mixed with fun and sense of celebration in an informal way, you can make it an enjoyable experience.

Here is a good looking Open House Invitation Template to help you design your own invites easily.

Use direct and simple wording to add on your Open House Invitation. Write the name of host of the event and state the specific reason for organizing the party, such as “Please join us to celebrate Mr. & Mrs. Robert’s new house”. Include the date and time of the event in a prominent way with full street address of house and contact number of host(s). Mention clearly the range of hours when the guests can enter and stop by.

If you have any special instructions or note about the party, write it at the bottom of Open House Invitation. Usually open house events are attended by the guests under ‘No gift necessary’ rule. Generally Open House Invitations do not hold any RSVP option attached, so the guests are not asked to respond back to the invites because of the ‘come and go at your will’ nature of the party. These invitations are sent to the guests at least a few weeks prior to the event so that the guests can manage the attendance by including it in their schedules.

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