Paper Crown Templates

Download these Free Paper Crown Templates in MS Word & as well as in PDF Format to help you and create your own Paper Crown easily and quickly.

Kids Paper Crown Templates

Parents of young kids know how important it is to plan a party that is pretty amazing and enjoyable for both the kids and their parents who will come as guests. There can be number of ways to spice up a social gathering but whether you go with balloons or hanging lights or sound system, they are all going to cost extra money which can be difficult to manage on a small budget. Luckily there is something that is inexpensive but highly appreciated in such birthday parties; paper crowns.

Free Paper Crown Templates

Available here some free creative Printable Paper Crown Templates in MS Word & PDF format. Grab them and download these Paper Crown.

Paper Crown Template 01

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New Ideas of Paper Crown Designs:

  • Simple crown design
  • Decorative crown design
  • Prince/princess crown design
  • King/queen crown design
  • Floral crown design
  • Wooden crown design
  • Birthday crown design
  • Party crown design
  • Adult crown design

Queen Crown Templates

Here are Free Paper Crown Templates in MS Word Format to help you prepare your own Paper Crown.

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Birthday Paper Crown Templates

Checkout these creative Paper Crown Templates which can be easily editable according to your choice

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Modern Trends of Paper Crown Designs:

Crown design has to be amazing:

The most important and common trend regarding design of paper crowns is that they have to be pretty amazing and rocking. There is nothing more boring than arriving at a party where you are handed over generic paper crowns for you or your kids. Good news is that with the online readymade crown templates and practically endless designs and color themes available online, it’s really easy to just find the suitable design that matches your needs and requirements.

Colorful crowns can be used for decoration:

Other than the obvious use of putting crowns on your heads, there is another use of these paper figures; using them for decorations. We are not only talking about full size crowns that you put on your head but if you want, you can design small crowns that are only made for decoration purposes. Once the designs are ready, you can put them together in a row and later hang these on walls or above the doors or drawing room arches.

They should match the theme of the party:

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind while designing a paper crown is to make sure it matches the overall theme of your party. Using a generic template for a simple crown might sound quick and you may save a lot of time but let’s face the fact that it’s not going to look decorative or attractive. Leave the adults who will be busy chatting with each other at the party but let’s talk about the kids who are only at the party to enjoy and have fun. You should only design the crowns after you have confirmed the theme of the party.

The design should be easy for DIY project:

There is a new emerging trend where party hosts arrange for the material of creating paper crowns and they ask the arriving guests to take some time and design their own crowns. This can be a wonderful activity especially for the kids who want to do something interesting to spend time. Not only that you provide a fun activity for your guests but you can also free yourself from designing and creating all of those crowns for each guest.

There should be a king or queen crown:

If we are not talking about a general get together between adults, each party has a special person who has achieved something important or maybe its birthday of someone which means they should be treated special on that day. This means when you are creating paper crowns and they are all matching the theme of the party for all guests, there should be a special crown for that person who is the reason behind the party. For instance, if it’s a birthday party, you should create a special king or queen crown for birthday person or if it’s a housewarming party or graduation party, the crown of that specific person should be different and special than others.

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