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A Password Log Templates can be very appropriate for you to make your all Password Log Templates in a proper and best way.

A few decades ago who could have thought that a time will come when we will literally open every lock with our fingerprints and digital passwords. It all seemed farfetched but these days, it’s a reality. From opening our smart phone to physical doors and vaults, everything seems to be working with fingerprints.

There are fingerprint scanners added to laptops and tablets and we can even excess websites and bank accounts with fingerprints. But no matter how much the technology advances, there is always the need for actual passwords and PINs. Most of the places where you can use your fingerprint i.e. smart phone, home vault, main door, there is also a backup security system that requires setting up a password or PIN.

The same thing goes for websites, social media accounts, and online bank accounts where you are required to create strong passwords so no one can guess or hack it and misuse them. Because using the same password for every account is not recommended, keeping track and remembering all of the different passwords can be challenging and you might forget the user name or password of an important account.

To ensure you don’t forget important details and it’s kept safe, password log templates are created. Obviously, these logs are also password protected but this means you only need to remember one password to excess all of your passwords. A typical password log template includes; the name of website or vault or gadget, its user name, password, security question and backup PIN.

Free Editable  Password List Templates MS Word and Excel

Check out these beneficial Password Log Templates in MS Word or MS Excel format which can be easily customized.

password log template 01

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Sample Password Log Templates

Here are some more Password Log Templates which can be easily customized.

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Types of Password Log Templates:

  • Online password log template
  • Offline password log template
  • Password and PIN log template
  • Website password log template
  • Bank account password log template
  • Email account password log template
  • Social media password log template
  • Physical devices or gadgets password log template
  • Cryptocurrency wallet password log template
  • Digital vault password log template

Password Keeper Template

Here are previews and download links for these editable Password Log Templates.

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Importance and Benefits of Password Log Templates:

The first and most important benefit of a password log template is that when you have this log, you don’t need to remember various different user names and passwords. This log can include as many passwords as you require and because the log is also password protected, it’s ensured that only have the excess to it. A password log template is essentially a list where you include login credentials for different websites, online bank accounts and social media accounts but this list can also include backup passwords for the devices that you can open with your fingerprint i.e. your smart phone, your laptop, your tablet, your home door, your home vault and even a storage facility.

One important element to keep in mind is that if a person decides to get his hands on this log where you store all of your important information, he or she just needs to excess it by finding out your master password. This means when you create this password log template, you need to think of a really strong password so only you can excess the file.

The beauty of this log template is that this way you only need to remember just one password and once you open the password log template, you can see entire list of websites, bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets with their user names and corresponding passwords. A pro tip is to create a really complex password for the password log template and this password should include at least a lower case letter, an upper case letter, a symbol and numbers. A strong password should have at least 8-10 characters.

Creating a complex and difficult to hack password for all of your accounts is true for almost everything. From creating a strong password for a social media account to your bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets and email accounts, every password should be complex enough to hold securely against hacking and guessing.

As a person with average IQ, you can’t possibly remember all those complex passwords but sooner or later, you will forget the password and to retrieve it, you will need to answer a security question which is again a difficult process and you might also forget the answer to that.

With a password log template, not only that you can securely save all passwords but this sheet can also include login user name, security question and backup PIN in case you forget the main password. A password log template is typically an Excel sheet which means you can make as many changes as you want without creating any problem within the sheet.


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