Photography Contract Templates

Download these Free Photography Contract Templates in MS Word or PDF Format to create quickly your personal, commercial, wedding, and family photography contract.

A contract is a vital document in order to protect your business. You should follow some key points for your business contract. If you talk about Photography Contract, you should know what to include in a Photography Contract. You should follow some key points to be included in your Photography Contract.

What should a Photography Contract include?

There should be details about you and your clients. These details can be client name, address, contact information, and event date & time. These all details will be on the first page of your contract book. On this page, you should add a space for and your client to sign. If you have more than one contract page you should add a space for signatures on every page. This space for signature will make it clear that each page was read thoroughly and also a part of the initial agreement. You should specify and add the information that the client will receive. This information includes the date and amount of time you will offer your service.  Add the estimated number of photos, size, and quality. Also, add about whether or not your client will receive a DVD.

You should also cover the payment structure of your Photography Contract. Let your client know when payments are to be submitted and what will happen if a payment is missed. You should also add information regarding what will happen if your client cancels the contract. This information includes how much payment is non-refundable, and the cancellation must be in written form. Let your client know what method of payment you accept. You may be accepting payment through checks, PayPal, credit cards, or any other method. So let your client know how to pay.

Free Photography Contract Templates

Here are some simple and editable Photography Contract Templates.

Photography Contract Template 01

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What Are The Key Elements of a Photography Contract?

If you want to use wedding photos of your client for advertising or attracting your new clients, you must obtain permission from your client to do so. You should add this permission on your Photography Contract page that grants permission for you to use the photos for advertising purposes.

Define retainer and deposit to your customers, as these are two different things. Describe by name who will be the exclusive photographer of your client because the client may not want any other paid photographer that will surprise them at their wedding. Describe what will the cost of the new set of images on disc. You should also define who will responsible for a big quake and if it happens after how much time images can be delivered. Make sure the clients understand what they are getting because there is a big difference between what comes out of the camera and what is the actual image. Photographers should never guarantee a shot, but clients should trust in the professional they get to shoot their occasion. Plan the photography time as it is one of the important Photography Contract key points.

You should avoid legal jargon on the album of the images because you never want to create a scary document that will confuse your customer; rather make your text readable and understandable. By following these key points you can have a strong and trustable Photography Contract for your special day.

These Photography Contracts Templates can help you very effectively and quickly to make your contract with clients. You can use easily these contracts for various photography contract templates such as for family portrait, event or wedding photography as well as for product and commercial photography contracts.


Photography Contract Template 07

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