Free Purchase Order Templates

These simple Purchase Order Templates can assist you in a better way to create a perfect Purchase order slip.

When we talk about purchase orders, these are formal and legal documents used by sellers and buyers. Purchase orders are becoming more popular due to their benefits and advantages they offer to all involved parties. On one hand, a purchase order that is issued by a buyer to a seller includes the description of the goods required by the customer along with the timeline to deliver.

But where on the other hand, when the same document is issued by a seller to a buyer, it portrays the information that the goods are delivered to the buyer and the mentioned amount is payable by the buyer within the agreed timeline i.e. 15 days or 30 days after receiving. In a way, you can say that a purchase order acts as a legal agreement between seller and buyer especially in a scenario where a formal contract isn’t signed between the client and the vendor.

Essential Elements Of A Purchase Order:

  • Seller information
  • Buyer information
  • Unique order number
  • Date of placement of order
  • Product description
  • Total amount payable
  • Billing address
  • Terms of payment
  • Shipment address
  • Date of shipment

Free Purchase Order Templates

Check out these new Purchase Order Templates and make an order slip quickly.


Purchase Order Template 01

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Purchase Order Template 04

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Market Trends For Purchase Order Design:

  1. Understand key purpose of a purchase order:
    Before you start working on the design of a purchase order, first you need to understand what this document is, key purpose of preparing a purchase order and what benefits it offers to the sellers and buyers. First and the most important aspect of a purchase order is that it’s legally binding and it also acts as a formal agreement between buyer and seller.  Not only that the seller is bound to deliver agreed goods or products within the timeframe but the buyer is also bound to make the payment within the deadline i.e. 30 days or 60 days after receiving the goods. When a document has legal value, it’s important to include the key features into the design so you are not responsible for some ambiguity that appears in the future.
  2. Find the perfect template of purchase order:
    As described above that a purchase order is a legal document that acts like an agreement between buyer and seller, most of the organizations print these purchase orders on company letterhead. Not only that sellers prefer printing POs on letterheads but the buyers also ask for official purchase order to be printed on the company letterhead to make it formal and legally binding. While you are designing PO format for your company, make sure to leave room at the top of the design for the letterhead. Then you need to understand what information you want to put on the purchase order. Usually the key elements of any purchase order remain save as given in the above list but a particular company can also add or remove an element for their convenience.
  3. Add the relevant data into the template:
    While searching for the perfect design of your purchase order form, you can find various layouts on internet. These are readymade designs and most of these layouts are free of cost. You can either use a design as it is or make some changes to suit specific needs and requirements. Even if using a readymade template doesn’t suit you, you can still get basic understanding by looking at the designs and then create your own format. After the design of the purchase order form is finalized, it’s still empty but all the sections are included where the relevant information will be added. The last step in this process is to add the relevant data in the purchase order i.e. names of sellers and buyers, dates, description of goods, payable amount and payment terms.
  4. Get a trial run print:
    Before you print a purchase order form, you can’t be sure if it’s correct or not. For instance, you might create a form for A4 paper size but your printer has only legal size of paper so it will create problems for you. A common practice here is to make a dummy purchase order and get it printed on the company letterhead. This way you can see if margins are correct on the paper and there is enough room for the letterhead on the top of the document. If space is not enough, you can certainly make few changes and print another sample to confirm changes. If everything goes smoothly, you can save blank template of the purchase order in your computer to be used later.


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