Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet Templates

A common complaint that students have is that in school, they are always asked to learn about complicated trigonometry equations and complex calculus problems but when they find a job after studies, there is no use of that knowledge. If you work at a marketing agency, you can’t find a way to apply parabola equation into marketing techniques and this is what disappoints most students. When they realize that learning about these complex mathematical problems won’t do any good to them in real life, this can quickly overwhelm them. But, you will be surprised to see how many of these math equations and theorems are used in real life these days. Math is the basic foundation behind any great engineering work either its construction work or electrical engineering or something out of this world i.e. a satellite orbiting our earth.

Pythagorean Theorem is a very common theorem that you learnt in high school and even if you had trouble getting the basic idea, it’s very simple in a way. This theorem suggests that when you know two sides of a right triangle, you can easily calculate the length of the third side. This theorem may seem something only useful for books but there are surprising uses of it in real life. Take a look at some of the most common uses of Pythagorean Theorem in below list.

Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet Templates

Here are 46 Free Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet Templates to help you solve complex situation.


Some common uses and applications of Pythagorean Theorem:

  1. Getting help with paint jobs:
    You would be surprised to see that a Pythagorean Theorem can also help you calculate how much paint you need for a given surface. For instance, there is a wall in front of you and you have its measurements but don’t know how much paint you should buy and how much the painter will cost. With this theorem, you can just calculate the amount of paint that the wall needs and then you can check if there is a paint bucket of same size available in super market. Another example would be when you bought paint for a 50 feet long boat but instead, now you want to paint a 40 feet boat and a 30 feet boat and you are wondering if you need to buy more paint. Pythagorean Theorem will effectively tell you that the paint you have for bigger boat is enough to cover 2 smaller boats. Another way this theorem is used by painters is when they arrange ladder to paint high walls and they want to see how tall the ladder should be for the painter to safely climb at the top without tipping over.
  2. Dealing with distances:
    This here is one of the most common areas of common day life that uses Pythagorean Theorem. You can quickly understand it by supposing you promised to meet with your friends at a restaurant and as you are already late; you need to check for the shortest route possible. If you see the roads on a map, you will understand that from your current location, you need to go 4 miles to the left and then 3 miles to the right. In total it would be 7 miles but you just saw that there is a small ally way reaching right besides your destination and you wonder how much distance you will save if you use this route and Pythagorean Theorem will tell you that this ally way is only 5 miles in length which means you can save up to 2 miles and reach at your destination quicker.
  3. Using Pythagorean Theorem for purchasing stuff:
    Let’s say that you want to buy a briefcase but you want to make sure that it’s big and deep enough to carry all of your cloths. When you go to a shop and ask the shopkeeper about a suitcase, they would tell you they have a 20 inch suitcase available with the depth of 8 inches. With Pythagorean Theorem, you will easily calculate that the length of the suitcase will be 18.33 inches. Another common example would be when you go out to buy a television but aren’t sure if it will fit in your entertainment center. So you know that it can fit a television of 28 inches and with the available measurements of the television at the market, you can use Pythagorean Theorem to see if it will be a good fit or not.
  4. Further uses of Pythagorean Theorem:
    By this time, you should understand that this theorem can be applied to anything from people to area to length to work to even force. Let’s say that there is a network of 50 people in it and then there are 2 more networks with 40 and 30 people in them. How can you tell which one has bigger value? With the Pythagorean Theorem, you can calculate that network of 50 people has more value as a whole but combination of other two networks with 40 and 30 people has more numbers together but less value as they are divided into 2 parts. Another example would be the computer programs that use inputs. For instance, a program uses 40 inputs and there are two more programs that use 30 and 20 inputs. With Pythagorean Theorem, you can quickly analyze that sorting 30 and 20 units in among 2 groups will consume as much time as sorting 40 units in one group.


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