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Here are 34 Free Root Cause Analysis Templates to help you conduct Root Cause Analysis by yourself.

When there is a problem in productivity or goal achievement in any business, the higher management usually tries to find out the root cause which is explained as the most basic cause of any problem. Every successful business knows and understands that it’s very important to actually eliminate the root cause of any problem because if you just take care of the primary or secondary causes, the problem will keep occurring in future until the root cause is taken care of.

The process of finding out about the root cause is commonly known as root cause analysis. There can be number of tools, techniques and approaches being used for finding out the root cause of a problem and these processes are referred to as root cause analysis.

Importance of Root Cause Analysis:

The key purpose of a root cause analysis is to check and verify the origin of a problem because no matter how much time you spend on dealing with the secondary causes, it’s not going to make any difference in the productivity. Because of the fact that no one wants a problem to happen twice after rectifying the cause or origin, a root cause analysis is implemented and this process helps with the question what actually happened, why did it happen and how can someone stop it from happening again in the future.

When you actually see the origin of a problem, hopefully you will take steps to eliminate it and it’s very unlikely that after taking those steps, the problem occurs again. This is only possible if the analysis didn’t figure out the root cause but it was merely a secondary cause.

Root Cause Analysis Templates:

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Key Elements to include in Root Cause Analysis:

  • Faulty raw materials
  • Human mistake or lack of information among workers
  • Problem with the equipment
  • Environmental problem or natural disaster
  • Poor managerial skills
  • Use of old or expired method
  • Poor training of employees


Guidelines to apply Root Cause Analysis:

Understand the Problem:

The most basic step to take before starting a root cause analysis is to understand what the problem is. This is important because you need to fully understand a problem before you start finding out why it happened and what caused it. For instance, there was an accident in company warehouse and you are going to conduct root cause analysis. Before starting, you need to check details of the evidence so you understand that the warehouse stock was burnt by fire.

Analyze Root Cause and Effect:

This is probably the most important part of the root cause analysis because this is where you find out what happened and why it happened. Getting to the origin of a problem is not easy but this is one and only way to make sure the same problem doesn’t occur twice. In above case, when you are searching for cause of fire in warehouse, your investigation revealed that there were some uncovered wires in the warehouse right above combustible material stack. Due to excessive heat from nearby boiler plant, the wires’ insulation got weak and when there was fluctuation from faulty circuit board, wires caught fire and burning pieces fell on fabric stock that led to everything being burnt instantly.

Gather Additional Information:

Even after you understand all root causes of a problem, there is possibility that somehow some information was hidden or missed which means all the root causes or origins are not uncovered yet. That’s why there is an additional step involved in the root cause analysis where you get extra information which wasn’t showed before and this will get you closer to the origin of the problem which will ultimately result in better handling it for the future. For instance, in the above case, when you investigated further, you found out that there was no smoke detector which could have helped in case of fire.

Find Suitable Solutions:

Once all the root causes are analyzed, it’s time to determine how that specific problem can be controlled in the future. This part of the root cause analysis will help enlisting the steps or instructions for making sure the problem doesn’t occur again. In the above explained scenario, the solution list will include relocating the boiler to a safe place, make sure there is combustible material near the boiler, all electrical wires are insulted properly and inspected periodically for safety purposes and installation of smoke detectors in the warehouse.

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