Sales Receipt Templates

Download here 20 Free Sales Receipt Templates that are designed in MS Word and Excel. There are both manual and electronic receipts in use with the digital ones taking more leads these days. You can also explore these Product Purchase Receipt Templates and Petty Cash Receipt Templates.

Almost all kind of businesses, either large or small, use receipt payment system. Sales receipt template is used to generate sales receipt with ease. Creating receipt template is easy process; in fact you can get free sample sales receipt templates available online.

These templates are simple in layout and easily customizable to meet your specific requirements under a particular business. For instance, company/seller name, logo, codes, and locations are specific with everyone.

Create a Sales Receipt Templates in Word

Sales receipts are effective printed record and clear evidence presented to the customer about purchase of goods or services. Included are the type of goods or services sold, amount of transaction, method of payment, names of seller and buyer, and tax liability. It is also called a sales invoice.

Sales receipts play good role in personal and tax accounting, and help the firms to avoid disputes with tax authorities. Sales receipts are not only used as an agreement between seller and buyer but also help to keep track and record of the expenses.

Sales receipt template enables you to record the product information, quantity and cost details quickly. Sales receipt templates available on internet are great substitute to an expensive billing software. Small businesses usually do not afford to have particular billing software that is specifically designed for the companies.

Sales receipt can be simple or detailed. The detailed one comes with price list which allows creating and maintaining a list of goods that can be entered on any sales receipt later directly. In sales receipts, goods or products are added in the description area.

Using this drop down list of goods instead of mentioning description of each product. Once the products are selected, product code and price fields are also generated. Modified versions of sales receipts are greatly helpful for the seller and customer equally for time saving.

Free Sales Receipt Templates in Word and Excel

Here are previews and download links for these Various types of Free Printable Sales Receipt Templates that can be modified easily and quickly.


sales receipt template 01

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Standard Sales Receipts Templates

Usually, carbon copies of sales receipts are used to speed up the process in busy marketplaces. You can download a ready-to-use template from internet, or customize it to take printed copy. Carbon copy receipts are often labeled with all necessary information for a sale process.

They have a fine format so that you can write out the receipt without trouble and suitably. Such forms of sales receipts should be written in dark pen ink, so that it remains permanent and could not fade over time. It is appropriate to use company logo or stamp on the sales receipt; it makes the receipts more official. This way, sales receipt becomes a useful reference for the future sales or purchase.

An ideal sales receipt should carry all the necessary details of the sale process. Regardless of a handwritten receipt, creating a receipt template. If you are using a printed receipt copy, all sales receipts should include several basic sections.

For Example, seller details, buyer details, date of transaction, the products sold details, the amount transacted, method of payment (cash, money order, credit card, etc.), and signatures of seller and buyer. While making a receipt, make sure that you have all this essential information collected.
Keep saving all the receipt records especially when you are running a business; you often need to check these records. Receipts become more mandatory in case of sales or purchase of expensive items. It supports you to avoid any disputes or legal issues if both parties have receipt proofs to show in the court.


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