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Sublease is also a type of agreement, but it exists between the tenants i.e. the old tenant and the new tenant.  So an important Office Sublease Agreement is the one that exists between previous office renter and the new office tenant. The Office Sublease Agreement requires when an older tenant gets unable to pay the rent anymore and also meet the terms of the agreement. In this scenario, the old tenant tries to get another renter and creates a Sublease Agreement. Anyhow, this Sublease Agreement can be made only if the landlord allows. Terms and conditions of in the Office Sublease Agreement will be the same as of the rental agreement that was signed between the landlord and the previous tenant. When you use such agreement for offices then it is called an Office Sublease Agreement.

Let me explain with an example:

Suppose you are running an advertising agency and due to lack of the resources and investment, you decided to start an office in a building that has got cheaper rents and the building is also not in very good condition. You signed a one-year agreement with your landlord. Now you are the older renter of the building. Furthermore, you get some advertising projects that boosted your income and you decided to move your office to a building in a posh area within just fourth month of the contract.

Free Sublease Agreement Templates

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In this scenario, you will try to find a new tenant for the office building, for which you signed the one year agreement, for the remaining period. So, you will use Office Sublease Agreement. The terms and conditions of the Office Sublease Agreement are just same as the Renting Agreement you signed. The difference is that, before this there were only two parties involved but total number of parties have become three. It is necessary that your landlord and the new tenant both remain agreed on the terms and conditions given in the Office Sublease Agreement.

Moreover, although terms and conditions of the sublease agreement are same to the rental agreement but still you need to ready another copy, for the newer party i.e. now part of the contract. While making Office Sublease Agreement, you can use online available templates. These templates are actually prototypes which just tell you where to add which data. These templates are used when you don’t know how to formalize your data gradually on a blank paper.

These Office Sublease Agreement template are available on the internet for free. These Office Sublease Agreement templates can be edited and modified for just layout not the actual data.  Anyhow, you can add the data of the Office Sublease Agreement in the templates.

Lastly, when the signatures are done on the Office Sublease Agreement, all the signatory parties will become obliged to fulfill the terms and conditions of the Office Sublease Agreement. For more information on Office Sublease Agreement, you can read and go through the Office Sublease Agreement samples i.e. available online on different web portals.

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