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Ancient people didn’t have calculators or computers to do complex math problems but they didn’t have complex math equations either. They used to calculate on their finger tips based on the knowledge that numbers are composed of tens and ones. This provides great help in assisting your child to learn about math and be able to do simple calculations in his mind. Ten frames are a very common tool these days that teachers and parents use for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. As the name suggests, a ten frame design is made up of ten square boxes divided into 2 rows. So the upper row has 5 boxes and the bottom row has 5 boxes. The basic idea here is to ask the child to put toys or other objects that he finds interesting in the boxes and count in his head to make calculations and subtractions up to 10.

Key purposes of a Ten Frame Design:

Ten frames are very common and simple tool that not only help children learn and remember numbers and their values but on deeper level, it helps preschoolers understand how numbers work. Parents are very keen on teaching their kids about math and stuff in the early age i.e. as soon the child starts talking and they brag about how their kid can count to 10 or 20 but that’s not the full picture. Any kid can count to 20 with basic knowledge but the real deal here is if he understands what he is counting and if he can do simple addition or subtraction in his mind. Ten frames help kids learn how numbers are made and the most basic knowledge that any number is composed of ones and tens.

Another key purpose of using ten frames is that it’s simple enough for kids which means it’s also very easy to work with for the parents. You don’t need excel spreadsheets or complicated computer programs to help your kid add or subtract numbers but with just drawing a ten frame on any paper or on the carpet with scotch tape, you will be able to produce a visual that allows your child to see what he is working with. With ten frames, kids can remember what they work and as they go into kindergarten, they just unlock what they have already learnt.

Free Ten Frame Templates

Here are 35 Free Ten Frame Templates to help you prepare your own Ten Diagrams for your Kids.


Guidelines for creating a Ten Frame Design:

By this time, you already know that a ten frame is not a complicated design that only professionals can prepare but these are just ten squares divided into two rows. It’s recommended that when you start using these to help your kid learn about numbers, you should make it more interesting. For instance, drawn ten frames on the floor with removable ink and make the boxes big enough so kids can put their miniature toys in the squares. Using toys to learn about math is something that will keep the kids excited and they would ask you to draw the ten frames every time they play with their toys.

Once you have drawn the ten frames, ask your child to put small toys or other objects into the boxes. For instance, your child has put 7 toys in 7 boxes. This is where you start teaching them about numbers. You can ask them if 7 toys are more or less than 5 and if it’s more or less than 10. With the most basic understanding of math, they will be able to answer that 7 is more than 5 but less than 10. Next you can ask them how many boxes don’t have any toys in them and the answer would be 3. This will help them understand that 7 plus 3 makes 10. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t overwhelm your child with all the learning and as soon he shows signs of boredom or less interest, just wind up the session until next time when is again asks for this activity.


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