Tenant Verification Forms

Download these 12 Free Tenant Verification Forms which are crafted in Word. These online Verification Forms can be used customized easily.

Tenant verification form includes a tenant’s overall background information as well as current info which is gathered before renting a house. It includes tenant’s criminal record if any and his/her status either is able to pay rent or not. Or he is faking some info just to occupy a home. It minimizes the risk of loss and any kind of criminal act in landlord’s property.

Finding good tenants is a lot more critical and difficult, so before leasing a house or any property, a tenant’s verification is necessary. It also provides tenant’s past record of paying rents and good attitude.

Fill Out a Tenant Verification Form

Drafting a Tenant Verification Form is not that much difficult task. Include each and every sensitive item that must be in form to secure your property while giving on rent. Always ask for references while giving your property on rent. Make sure that prospective tenants are not criminals or troublesome. It’s also a good idea to know in advance that how the tenant will pay the rent. If a tenant has poor credit or is not making enough to afford rent easily, you should consider another tenant.

After completing tenant’s verification form, make a photocopy as a proof and submit the original one to the police so that any obstruction occurs I future they may be able to take step against tenant.

In case you cannot do tenant verification process your own, there are different agencies and service providers that give check for landlords. They help you to draft a best tenant verification form which consists of all clauses that are necessary for any landlord to put in form. They can also offer background and tenants in criminal history.

Free Tenant Verification Forms


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Guidelines for Tenant’s Verification Form:

If you want to create Tenant verification form yourself, then include these simple steps while drafting it.

Name of Landlord with details. (Phone number, address, and official address too.

Particulars of Tenant (name, father’s name, occupation, age, family members, relationship, present and previous address, details of ID card, passport, driving license, income tax info etc.).

In the end, signatures of both parties (landlord and tenant).

That’s the simplest format of tenant verification form described above, for more formats and details, you can check it online as per your residing country as it vary from region to region.

Tenant verification form plays a vital role in searching the best tenants for your property. One can remove about 90 per cent of your rental problems by doing Tenant Verification. The following guidelines help you to know important things that should be considered in tenant verification process.

Checking background: checking background history is most important and foremost step while drafting a verification form is to check tenant’s background and previous attitude.

Credit history: checking tenant’s history is also important to verify the credit’s history of tenant. This can be done by any agency to check tenants’ credit history if you are not capable of doing so.

Criminal record verification: police verification is necessary before renting your property. You need to demand a police verification form and mention in your tenant verification form. You need to fill the police verification form of the tenant whom you mean to let out your grounds. This helps you to ensure that the occupants are not criminals.


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