Travel Consent Forms

A travel consent form is taken by parents/guardians when your child is going to travel alone or with school or any organization and group. This document informs the authority that parents or guardians have given permission to a child to travel with them alone without them. This document is really important in travelling a child with anyone because these days child crimes , trafficking , and child victims are so common so airlines, organizations require the parent travel consent form to be provided before travel even a child is travelling with a grandparent, teacher or caretaker.

In case if parents are divorced and child is living with one parent and want to travel with other parent then this travel consent form is used to take consent from the parent with whom child is living.

Travel consent form includes various items that are of much importance such as: name of parent with whom child is living (middle, and last too), relationship of a child with whom he is travelling, name and information of authorized group or person with whom child is travelling,(make sure he/she is adult above than 18),relationship with a child( uncle, teacher, coach), child’s age, date and time of travel, medical insurance of a child and visa passport should be checked with whom a child is intended to go should also be included.

Use of travel consent form is to ensure the safety of a child while he is on journey because your child is your only asset which you never want to lose or even hurt, so this travel consent form is really vital when you are sending your child on travel.

By using this form, you can plan the travel itinerary and can outline the circumstances that can happen. This form includes the child’s sensitive issues like any allergies and medical problems. It also contains the information of child’s guardians’ parents and one person to whom they can contact in emergency if due to any situation parent is not available on call or fax.

Then this is signed by the parent or guardian a child is living with and also by one witness as a proof if any emergency occurs.

A travelling child must have a copy of the travel consent form with him and also given to any adult chaperone to show when needed.

According to US law, travel consent form with further necessary information and documents are needed to avoid any kind of crime and kidnapping.

Some guidelines of travel consent form are as follows:

Give your child’s an ID or photo ID of yourself as it is not required by law but it can be helpful in danger situation.

You can provide child’s birth certificate for further ambiguities.

If your child is going abroad or far area then we recommend you to talk to your lawyer to discuss the requisites and legal laws and issues of travel consent that should be taken before sending your child because sometimes only travel consent form is not enough and some countries do not accept this as every country has its own requirements.

We also recommend you to get the travel consent form signed by every person who can access to the child.

Before writing the travel consent form, read carefully the instructions, guidelines and write it according to your particular situation given you above to make sure that your child is in safe hands.

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