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One of the key differences that makes us superior than other living organisms i.e. animals is that we can feel empathy for other people and we sometimes go out of our ways to help someone in need. This is something that makes us a useful part of a bigger community and allows us to live freely and comfortably as a part of a society.

Volunteer work is something that we all want to do to feel happy and realize that we did something for the betterment of the community without getting any benefit in return. Regardless of the country or state you live in, you can find dozens of non-for profit organizations where you can volunteer or you can even find a homeless shelter for elder people or for animals and spend time to take care of them.

Key Elements Of a Volunteer Log Sheet Excel:

Although the key purpose of volunteering is to feel satisfied with yourself knowing that you did something good and noble reward but there might be some other reasons for volunteer work and that’s why it’s important for the organization or company to keep track of volunteer work. This can be done by managing the record of each volunteer on a volunteer log sheet.

  • Name of the company or organization
  • Name of the volunteer with contact details
  • Statement to provide purpose of preparing the volunteer log sheet
  • First column to enter the date of volunteer work
  • Second column to enter the description of event
  • Third column to enter specific duties performed by the individual
  • Fourth column to enter the name of the supervisor
  • Fifth column to enter supervisor remarks or comments
  • Sixth column to enter the hours of volunteer work
  • Seventh column is for the supervisor to sign


Free Printable Volunteer Log Sheet Templates


Volunteer Log Sheet Template 01

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Importance And Uses of  Volunteer Log Sheet Templates

Non-for profit organizations are built to accommodate volunteer work and it makes sense that they are not getting any profit and their key objective is to provide better service to the community so they should be getting free help from individuals as volunteers but there are many other organizations and companies that accept volunteer work even if they for-profit corporations. In either case, it’s important for the organization to keep record of volunteer work for many reasons.

One of the important reasons to keep volunteer work record is to evaluate and examine the efforts of individuals and to check if any additional help is required. For instance, a shelter for homeless people can use a volunteer logbook to see how many volunteers came to work this week, how many hours each of them spent and what duties and responsibilities they had. This way the shelter can quickly evaluate if efforts are put to the right direction and if they should allow more or fewer volunteers depending on the load of work.

Then there is the fact that even if volunteer work is done by an individual’s own will; it sometimes is forced on them as punishment. For instance in result of minor offense i.e. assault charges, judge has the right to either send the accused to a correctional facility or ask him to do volunteer work for a specific period of time and this way, he can stay out of prison. Most of the common community services offered by judges is cleaning, attending elder people in a shelter or take care of pets in an animal shelter.

This process works in a specific manner; the judge asks the accused to complete 100 hours of supervised community service i.e. volunteer work and once he completes the punishment, he is no longer required to do it but the only way for someone to verify that he actually spend time doing volunteer work is by checking his volunteer log book signed and verified by the supervisor.

This log book includes dates on which he volunteered description of his volunteer work and the hours he spent. As soon he completes the required hours, he can present the complete volunteer log sheet in front of a judge or parole officer and his punishment is over.


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