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An available superb collection of Free Wedding Shower Invitation Templates. By using these colorful party invitations you can make an impressive invitation for your wedding Shower.

Your beloved lovebirds just got engaged, and you are going to throw the bride a bridal shower! A bridal shower is a cozy meeting of the bride’s or the couple’s nearest and dearest friends and relatives where they “shower” her with gifts, and it is hosted a few weeks before the wedding. But to make the event a success, you need to have guests and for having guests, you need to send a Wedding Shower Invitation to the guests.

Though it may not be a big or formal event, a Wedding Shower Invitation has to be treated with the same care. Wedding showers range from informal get-togethers to formal affairs, and the Wedding Shower Invitations are designed according to the situation. No matter which design you choose to notify guests about the event, few things have to be kept in mind while designing a Wedding Shower Invitation.

Make Your Own Wedding Shower Invitation Templates

It is always better to check in with the bride unless you are planning a surprise event. You may be the host of the event there, but it’s always good to have the guest of honor involved in the planning process. Always ask her ideas for the event. For example, whether she wants to keep it as a ‘ladies only’ affair or co-ed. Whether she has some preferred location or dream theme for the event planned, after all, this event is for her only! One important thing you should consider while making a Wedding Shower Invitation is that only those people are invited to the shower who are also invited to the wedding. Since showers are meant to be just a friendly gathering, not events that rival the wedding itself, consult with the bride about the guestlist for the event.

Before inviting the guests, you’ll need to decide the details of the event like when and where the event will take place, and what will it involve as Wedding Shower Invitations should include the same details. Other important details like whether it will be a swanky or simple affair and the menu or activities going to happen in the shower are preferable to be included in the invitation so the guests can decide accordingly to come to the event.

A Wedding Shower Invitation should include some specific details for the guests like the name of the guest(s) of honor, the name of the host, and maybe the menu and theme of the event. Listing the name of the bride only or the names of both bride and groom lets the guests know whether it a co-ed event or ladies only. It is recommended to use the full names of the bride or guest of honor though it is not necessary.


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The Wedding Shower Invitation should also include the date and time of the event and the location (venue) of the event. Providing the address is optional as most of time the showers are hosted at the host’s house only. The last and another important thing to send along with the Wedding Shower Invitation are the RSVP information. It includes either a response card or contact information of the host, but it completes a perfect Wedding Shower Invitation.

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